Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Alpro soya Plus Cholesterol-Lowering review

The first time I was sent some Alpro Soya products to review, I was convinced I wouldn't like them, wrongly assuming that they were inferior-quality and yucky-tasting products that people ate for health reasons or because they needed a dairy-free diet. Then we sampled the delicious desserts (here) and milk alternatives (here) and were pleasantly surprised. When they asked me if I'd like to try out their new cholesterol-lowering Alpro Soya Plus milk alternative, I was therefore keen to give it a go.

Like all Alpro Soya products, Alpro Soya Plus is 100% plant-based so it is also an eco-friendly option. They explain : "Plus being 100% plant-based, it uses 3 times less land, 2.5 times less water and generates 5 times less CO2 emissions to produce 1 litre of Alpro Plus compared to cows’ milk. This makes Alpro soya Plus the smarter way to lower cholesterol; better for the individual and for the planet."

Alpro soya Plus is also enriched with plant sterols to help lower cholesterol levels. They explain : "To reduce cholesterol it's recommended that you consume 1.5 - 2.4g plant sterols per day, as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. 1 glass of Alpro soya Plus (250ml) contains 0.75g of plant sterols. So drinking just two glasses of Alpro soya Plus every day can actively help lower cholesterol levels, fundamental to heart health."  One glass a day also contains half an adult’s RDA of calcium, as well as vitamin D.

I was still slightly dubious about the taste but we used it on cereal and couldn't taste any difference compared to our usual UHT semi-skimmed milk. I also used it in homemade banana/nectarine/strawberry yoghurt smoothies and then hot, in hot chocolate for the girls (they didn't notice any difference). I also used it in cheese sauce and again, nobody noticed any difference at all.

It's a very versatile product and, as it tastes exactly the same as our usual milk, I'll be very tempted to switch over to Alpro Soya Plus, for the potential health benefits and also environmentally-friendly aspect. Don't be put off by thinking you won't like soya-based products as much as milk, as I did initially. If you give it a go, you may also be pleasantly surprised.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £1.35 for 1 litre

for more information : http://www.alproplus.com/

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  1. Beautiful Review of alpro soya plus cholesterol. great posting

  2. If really we can't notice the difference from cow milk from a taste point of view, then I might try it.

  3. I have never tried Alpro soya before but I have tried other soya milk and have to say that I didn't like it at all, the smell put me off, it smelt like eggs! I have a habit of smelling everything and if I don't like the smell I don't eat it or drink it.


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