Saturday, 2 July 2011

Find Me A Gift Personalised Beer Glass review

When I was about nine years old, I was given a set of coloured pencils for school that had my name emblazoned across them. Unfortunately, my absent-minded auntie had somehow managed to forget that I didn't have the same surname as her (strangely enough, I was using my dad's surname rather than my mum's, as they were married !) so they had totally the wrong surname on them - but even so, I thought they were the bees' knees and always made sure I put them back in the pencil tin with the name pointing up where everyone could see them. I even refused to sharpen them any more when they had been worn down to the very edge of the personalised name bit !

9-year-old Sophie is the same - she always looks through the stands with personalised gifts on that you often see in card shops and always asks if she can have whatever is being sold if it has her name on. It doesn't even matter what the object is - last time, she wanted a mobile phone sock with Sophie written on it, even though she hasn't got a mobile phone !

Well, as soon as I gave this personalised beer mug from Find Me A Gift to Madhouse Daddy Mike, he got exactly the same expression on his face ! His little eyes go all twinkly every time he sits down with a glass of beer with his name splashed all over it. Who ever said grown up men were like kids, eh ?! (Well, they'd be pretty close to the truth actually !)

I was really impressed at just how many things you can personalise on the glass - not just the name but also an occasion (up to 20 characters), a year of establishment (either the year of the event, if it's a wedding or retirement gift for example, or a birth year), a complete date (I missed this out as I felt it doubled up on the birth year) and a personal message up to 25 characters long. With all that, you can make a really special, commemorative, unique gift. Just be warned - they won't print any offensive messages so keep it clean !

It's a really high quality product (I've been washing it by hand rather than risking it in the dishwasher, to be on the safe side) and it makes me smile to see how chuffed Madhouse Daddy Mike looks every time he grabs it out of the cupboard to pour himself a beer after a long day at work ! Definitely a special gift that the men in your life will treasure.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £9.99 (but currently £8.99)

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  1. This would be great for the FIL's birthday from the grandchildren

  2. This is a great idea and much more personal to have you own message on the glass!

  3. Great idea, my father-in-law likes a handled glass too.

  4. This would make a great gift for my Son to buy for his Grandad!!

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