Friday 6 January 2012

Resolve to increase your Vitamin D intake this New Year

There have recently been several features about the benefits of vitamins shown on BBC breakfast news, with a feature this morning discussing the benefits of vitamin D for pregnant women and over 65s. In case you missed it, here's some advice from the Boots' pharmacist.


Vitamin helps support your immune system and maintain bone health

This New Year you may have resolved to take control of your health by eating well and exercising more but why not also consider taking more Vitamin D? The vitamin helps the absorption and utilisation of calcium and phosphorus in your body which can help you maintain a normal immune system and keep your bones and teeth healthy. The Department of Health has reported that a significant proportion of the UK population have low Vitamin D levels.[i]

Boots nutritionist, Vicky Pennington explains: “Our northern location and a lack of sunshine means that many people in Britain don't manufacture enough Vitamin D over the winter months. Vitamin D isn't widely found in foods either but oily fish, fortified cereals, butter, margarine and eggs are good sources. Consider taking a daily supplement of Vitamin D if you are over 65 and if you rarely go outdoors or rarely expose your skin to sunlight."

People may want to consider Boots Pharmaceuticals Vitamin D 25ug at £5.10 for 90 tablets; these one-a-day tablets may help your body maintain healthy bones and teeth, whilst also helping to support a normal immune system. Lower strength dose Vitamin D products are also available; Boots Pharmaceuticals Vitamin D 12.5ug is only £2.89 for 90 tablets.

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  1. I always choose the sunny side to walk on in winter to get a bit of sun on me and the baby.


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