Wednesday 28 March 2012

Asda Easter goodies review

There was an audible gasp of appreciation when the postie dropped off this lovely selection that Asda had sent us through to review from their Easter collection. We made up a very reasonable tasting bowl with one of each chocolate treat to sample each and settled down to do some serious reviewing - strangely enough, I wasn't short of willing testers for this little lot !

 First up was the Cracking Caramel Shortcake Bites which come in a pack of 9. They are little squares of shortbread topped with caramel and milk chocolate and they are deliciously crumbly and not overly sweet. Each little bite only contains 80 calories and 4g of fat (of which 2.2g saturates), which isn't bad at all if you're looking for a waistline-friendly way of satisfying your chocolate cravings this Easter !

The prize for the cutest chocolates went to the Milk Chocolate Chicks which come in two sizes. The bigger ones on the left come in a bag of 12 with each 12.5g hollow chick only containing 70 calories. The smaller foil covered chicks on the right are solid chocolate, containing minimum 29% cocoa solids and minimum 14% milk solids. The whole bag weighs 85g and 100g contains 545 calories (I haven't counted how many there are in a bag !).

 If you're planning on hiding eggs all over the place for an Easter egg hunt, there are three sizes available and they were all declared yummy ! On the left in the photo are the boxed "Dozen Mini Eggs" which were particularly nice because they are milk chocolate but with a creamy white centre. Each 10g egg contains 54 calories, which is quite reasonable if you manage to stop at one or two ! The bigger eggs on the right are hollow, weigh 15.5g and contain 85 calories each. The ones in the middle were scoffed before I saw the packaging so all I can tell you is, they tasted very nice !

Asda also have more grown-up, luxurious-looking eggs available, such as this Belgian Chocolate Half Egg which comes garnished with a selection of seven milk, dark and white Belgian chocolates. This one looked far too good for the kids so was tucked away in the cupboard while they were counting out the chicks and eggs ! I was impressed to see it retails at a very reasonable £4, but Madhouse Daddy Mike did ask what happened to the other half !

But by far the most fun product was their "Decorate Your Own Egg" kit, which the girls were both really excited to discover.

Inside the kit, you get a solid milk chocolate, flat, egg-shaped slab of chocolate, a squeezy tube of white icing and a little bag of white chocolate buttons topped with multi-coloured sprinkles. As quite a few of the sprinkles fall off, you can tip them out of the bag to use those as well.

The icing was really easy to use and stuck the buttons on really well. Sophie had the good idea of putting her initial on the top of her design so there would be no mistaking whose was whose !

Juliette thought this was a good idea and put a J on the top of hers too ! (She chipped her front tooth at school yesterday, which I think explains the rather strange smile in this photo !)

They decided to finish off their designs with some tubes of Dr Oetker's glittery icing that we had in the cupboard. They were both really proud of their eggs and had a lot of fun making them.

If you want to make a really personalised Easter gift for a grandparent or favourite auntie or uncle, these would be absolutely perfect. The kid only costs £3 so it's also a fun project to make (and eat !) during the Easter holidays to keep the kids entertained.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : see instore for individual items but as a rough guide : £2 for a bag of Easter chicks, £3 for the Decorate your Easter Egg kit, £4 for the Belgian chocolate half egg

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  1. The Decorate Your Own Eggs kit look great fun!

  2. Sorry, previous comment should have added my twitter ID - @captainsunflow

  3. Makes me want to dash out to Asda right now...if only they were open at this time of night!


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