Wednesday 7 March 2012


The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs last week officially announced that Britain is experiencing the worst ever water crisis in over thirty years. In response, Radox have come up with their top five tips for saving water in the shower:

1.)    Take a slightly shorter shower:

.    Every 1 minute less time spent in a power shower will save 17 litres of water per person in your household per day / 6205 per year - with a total of 24,820 litres of water for the typical UK family (a family cash saving of £116 per year)

.    Every 1 minute less time spent in a standard shower will save 7.7 litres of water per person in your household per day / 2810 per year - a total of  11,242 litres of water  for the typical UK family (a family cash saving of £52 per year)

To help you do this use the Radox facebook shower app - the app will select a song that will match your desired shower length, allowing people to sing along while in the shower and know when their allocated shower time is up - simple.

Find it on facebook at :- 

2.)    Multi-task - To save water and time, consider washing your face or brushing your teeth whilst in the shower.

3.)    Turn the shower off when you shampoo - Turning the shower off for one minute while you shampoo your hair and one minute while you condition and 1 min whilst shaving those legs ladies! - could save a typical family £104 per year

4.)    Try a  low-flow shower head - Replacing your existing shower head with a more efficient alternative can reduce water and energy use, particularly if you currently use a power shower

5.)    Check your water temperature - Many people have their water heater set at too high a temperature.  The ideal temperature is between 55 and 60 degrees Celsius, but remember to test the temperature of the water that comes out of the tap with a thermometer - thermostats are often inaccurate.

Cassie Shuttlewood, Radox Brand Manager at Unilever comments: "As the No1 washing & bathing brand in the UK, we have been looking into sustainability and the responsibility we have as a brand to help consumers find easy ways top to reduce their water consumption. Now more than ever by taking simple measures, not only can you help save the environment but you can also save money too."

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  1. Like the Eco water tips, thanks

  2. I've been water conscious even before the water warning came out ... i try to do my part by taking short showers and turning off the shower when I shampoo. This way, I can take my time with the suds, but not waste water leaving it running! Good idea about checking the water temperature. I may just go and do that!

  3. Good tips, been water conscious for years son any extra tips to help is always a bonus.

  4. theres no shower in our house, we do share bath water though

  5. I have 2 teenagers who leave the tap dripping after baths and am constantly checking they are off! A useful post, thank you!


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