Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Cold Crusader - online hub to help prevent and combat the common cold

Is it a bird ? Is it a plane ? No, it's the Cold Crusader ! But the chances are he's not the only thing flying through the air. Have you ever seen a slowed down film of someone sneezing ?

Yuck ! Sorry if I put you off your breakfast !!

So, where was I ? Oh yes, the Cold Crusader. The Cold Crusader is a Facebook page dedicated to helping parents nationwide prevent and combat the symptoms of the dreaded common cold in their children. They explain : "Armed with essential top tips, and his secret weapon, the cold fighting herb Pelargonium, The Cold Crusader has become a symbol for health and wellbeing, striking fear into winter cold viruses wherever they may hide! Check out his Facebook site for expert advice, and to find out more about what you can do to help fight the common cold, and better prepare yourself for when the first symptoms strike! "

The page provides the latest news in children’s health, expert advice, weekly tips, seasonal advice and exclusive competitions. Just recently, they had a kids colouring/drawing competition to come up with a sidekick for the Cold Crusader and a Q&A session on Mumsnet with Dr Chris Steele, the resident doctor on ITV's This Morning, which you can read here.

The Cold Crusader Facebook page is run by Kaloba Syrup, a licensed herbal medicine containing pelargonium that has been scientifically proven to shorten the duration of upper respiratory tract infections, such as acute bronchitis and the common cold. They hope that the page will become a hub for parents to share news and advice as well as presenting the opportunity to have their cold-related questions answered. It's got some interesting content on there actually, including the video of the sneeze that I posted above !

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  1. I never knew about Pelargonium - anything which might help is worth a try!

  2. euggghhhhh, that slowed down sneeze!!!!!

  3. That's enough to make me block my nose up with corks!


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