Thursday 29 March 2012

WeightWatchers Garlic & Herb Bag n Bake review

 As I told you earlier in the week, I've just started a trial of WeightWatchers, using their online weight and food tracking tool and also trying out a number of their products that I'm sent through to review. The online tool is brilliant and really motivating. The weight tracker allows (and actively encourages) you to make achievable goals (5% of your weight to start with, which I upped to 10% because it didn't seem challenging enough !). The food tracker is brilliant - you type in what you've eaten and it will suggest a list of different brands or food items, with serving sizes that you can modify to accurately reflect what you've eaten. It gives you a really good idea of the ProPoints value of each food and I've been really pleased to see that lots of things - especially fruit and veg, but also things like sugar free jelly - have zero points ! I've been able to stick to my daily allowance with no problems so far and haven't even begun to use my weekly bonus allowance - which is great news, as we're having a meal with friends for Juliette's birthday at the weekend so I'll be able to blow them all in one go !

 I decided to try out their Garlic & Herb Bag 'n' Bake this week, as a light dinner option. When you first start out, it's hard to really know which foods are low in points and which ones are higher, so I just followed my logic and went with what I'd consider healthy, low calorie foods.

Helped by Sophie,  I just put some chicken fillet and a selection of vegetables in the bag (red onion, red, green and orange pepper, courgette and cherry tomatoes), poured in the seasoning, shook it up and put it in the oven to cook.

This is very similar to the Colman's Season and Shake seasoning that I reviewed here but the added advantage is that you know it only counts as 1 ProPoint, which makes it much easier to tot up your daily points.

Just half an hour in the oven and dinner was ready ! I added some rice and it was a very satisfying meal, but the seasoning wasn't as strong as I'd hoped, which was a shame. This could be because I put too many vegetables in (as I was cooking for the whole family) so there wasn't enough to go round and cover all the ingredients sufficiently.

From looking around on the WeightWatchers website, they suggest you can have the odd day off tracking your points and just eat "filling and healthy" foods in any quantities you wish, using your feelings of hunger satisfaction to guide you. All of the ingredients I used in this meal are in that list so it's great to see that WeightWatchers is an instinctive, natural diet to follow that uses logic and common sense more than any complicated system.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £1 per box

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  1. Thanks for the review, I bought some of this at my WW meeting on Tuesday and looking forward to trying it. I love WW, have lost 2 stone with them over the last 10 months and feel much better for it

  2. Wow, that's fabulous - well done :) Let me know how you get on with the bag n bake ! xx

  3. wow only 1 point, that is good. when you diet you soon get a shock to find out how many calories your favourite things are.

  4. i've done weight watchers a few times and really like their diet (it works really well until i get tempted and go off it!) x

  5. That sounds brilliantly simple and yummy! I've started putting weight back on so had better start giving some of these recipes a go!

  6. I'm on WW but keep falling off the wagon :( :(. This looks really good though and one for all the family. I'd just add a bit more seasoning like you suggest. I need to get my motivation back up thanks x

  7. Oh, this looks so yummy! Bags are really good for making the food very tasty. The friend of mine even cooked Christmas turkey in the bag and the result was beautiful.


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