Thursday 22 March 2012

Ravensburger Puzzle Club review #4 : Rabbit Parade

Just a quick glance out of the window is enough to see that spring is upon us : the sun is shining, the flowers are starting to come to life and the shops are full of Easter eggs ! Well, this month's Ravensburger Puzzle Club offering - Rabbits Parade - is perfectly in-keeping with the springtime feel and as you can see from the picture, 10-year-old Sophie was instantly smitten when it arrived. (I didn't notice until after I'd taken the photo that she'd stuck her chewing gum across her teeth - nice !!) 

She settled down with 7-year-old little sister Juliette to put it all together and they actually found it quite tricky to sort out the edge bits. There may not be any sky in this picture but the green grass and yellow flowers are quite repetitive so it's harder than it looks !

They got there in the end though and found it much easier to put together the cute bunnies. Once the rabbits were done, there were only very few pieces left of the grass to complete the whole thing. It's quite a long thin puzzle - 57.5cm x 24.5cm - so they found it intriguing to have a different shape to their usual puzzles. The picture is so cute, Sophie said that this would be a good puzzle to put in a frame on the wall, then they decided that would be a waste and broke it all apart so that they could have fun making it all over again another day !

This puzzle is labelled as 200XXL pieces and suitable for age 8+ which sounds about right, as Juliette would have found it too difficult by herself. The pieces aren't much bigger than normal puzzle pieces though so don't expect huge XXL pieces like those that you'd find in kids' puzzles. They're all well cut and slot together really solidly so it's easy to slide sections around without them breaking apart.

As you can see, the girls had great fun !! Not quite sure what they were giggling at here ! If you're trying to cut down on chocolate this Easter, this would make a great alternative to the traditional eggs for older kids.

star rating : 4.5/5
RRP : £7.99


  1. What a great puzzle. Fantastic achievement to your 2 for doing it. It looks difficult with all the fur shades.

  2. What a cute picture for a jigsaw.

  3. What a lovely jigsaw - my 3 year old is puzzle mad so will have a look at some of the easier Ravensburger ones for her!


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