Wednesday 13 June 2012

AppGear Zombie Burbz review

Anyone who owns an iPad will know that it is already a fabulous device for keeping the kids (not to mention the grown-ups !) entertained for hours playing games on it. When I was approached to review a new product from AppGear, I realised that they were about to take iPad gaming to a whole new level though.

They explain : "AppGear gives you the ultimate gaming experience and lets you play totally interactive games on your phone, ipod or ipad! ZombieBurbz is a truly monstrous game! Using real figures, it turns your ipad into a moving battle zone for you to defend. With a twist on the norm, you play the Zombie! Zombies are tired of being misunderstood and just want to achieve their own suburban dream. Your task is to fight off the angry mobs that want to run them out of town. There are four different versions to collect; Avenue, Highschool, Diner and Service, each with their own game and story line"

The concept reminds me very much of the iPieces iPad counters that we reviewed here that allow you to play air hockey and other simple games using counters instead of your fingers. The huge bonus with the Zombie Burbz pieces though is that you're actually moving around a character in the game so you feel more involved, almost as if you've walked into a 3d gaming experience. Spyro Skylanders introduced the concept of playable toys for video games, and AppGear have done it for the iPad.

Each pack contains 3 collectible 1 ½” Zombie figures and 1 deluxe controllable figure, which is the one you'll use to play the game on the iPad. Kids and tweens always love buying collectibles, whether they're Littlest Pet Shops, Pokemon cards or Squinkies, so I'm sure this will be a huge hit with slightly older kids and teens who have outgrown the other playground collectibles. Each deluxe Zombie figure unlocks its own unique storyline and missions so you'll have to buy them all to be able to play the game in its entirety. This is just like the in-game purchase options that most apps already offer, and I actually prefer it as a way of buying add-ons because at least you control what is bought and you won't have any nasty surprises when your phone bill comes in ! New levels are unlocked as players advance in the game, with 64 missions in total.

I wasn't sure if the zombie aspect would be too scary for the Madhouse Mini-testers but it's a cartoony Scooby-Doo level of scariness that won't upset anyone. This very short video gives you an idea.

We received the Avenue pack but there are four packs (or Chapters, as they call them) available to buy in total :

Avenue: One man’s trash is a zombie’s dinner. Help this zombie dad defend his home from angry neighbors. Includes 1 Dad deluxe controllable figure and 3 collectible zombie figures: Barbara, Dog & Postman.

Diner: There’s something rotten about the daily special, and unhappy customers are on the attack. Help this zombie waiter dish out service with a smell.Includes 1 Stan deluxe controllable figure and 3 collectible zombie figures: Homeless Dude, Woman & Car Salesman.

Services: Trash and burn. Leave the cash, take the trash. Help this zombie garbageman accidentally caught up in a caper fight off the robbers on his tail. Includes 1 Garbageman deluxe controllable figure and 3 collectible zombie figures: Nurse, Grandma & Fire Fighter.

High School: Z-O-M-B-I-E! Zombie #1! He was a skater dude. She liked trash as food. He wasn’t undead enough for her. Help this zombie girl fend off human bullies at school. Includes 1 Emo Chick deluxe controllable figure and 3 collectible zombie figures: Goofy Footballer, Skater & Jock.

 I absolutely love the concept and the girls have already said that they hope there will be some more "nicer" games to play with controllable figures that will be more geared towards younger kids and girls. I'm sure there will be, as it's a concept that is extremely fun and exploitable.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £9.99

for more information :

Disclosure :We received a ZombieBurbz pack in order to write an honest review.

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  1. Never seen anything like this before - looks great but my children are a bit young for it at the moment.

  2. will this game work on the ipad mini ?

    1. I have no idea, I know nothing about the ipad mini I'm afraid !

    2. okay no worries thanks for replying :)


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