Wednesday 6 June 2012

Bear Grylls would be proud of us !

The lovely Bear Grylls has been featuring quite regularly on my blog lately ! First of all, I told you about the campaign he is involved in with Persil small & mighty to get kids active and outdoors again, with his Top Ten Things To Do Before You're Ten. Then we got to interview the man himself here (*drools!*). And finally, I've just announced that KookyKaty was the lucky winner of six month's worth of Persil small & mighty and a Bear Grylls handbook in my giveaway here

Well, we all got very excited here at The Madhouse when we received a fabulous Bear Grylls pack from Persil and discovered the contents - three soft bunnies, a sheet, two pegs, a Bear Grylls handbook, a bottle of Persil small & mighty and - yum ! - a box of Thorntons chocolates !

The Madhouse Mini-Testers immediately took possession of the rabbit toys - which are so soft and snuggly, they've been taken to bed by both Juliette and Pierre every night since they arrived !

As it was very windy outside (and I was busy sorting out the washing with my new bottle of Persil small & mighty !), we made an indoor den with the sheet and pegs in the bedroom, and the Madhouse mini-testers all laid on the floor with their bunnies, some books and colouring !

A bit later, we did follow Bear Grylls' advice though and headed off outside to the park to get some fresh air. Juliette and Pierre had great fun running up hills ...

and back down again ! Pierre's legs were almost getting out of control with the momentum as he reached the bottom which is why he was laughing his head off !

Totally getting in the spirit of things, Juliette went in for some hill rolling and sliding down on her bum too. Just as well they sent a bottle of Persil small & mighty then !

Oh look, it's a bush ! Or is it ?

Oh no, it's Juliette, ticking off "become a hide & seek champion" in the top ten things to do before you're ten - that's certainly looks like the ultimate hiding place to me !

Thanks to Persil small & mighty for inspiring an afternoon of fun. Now, if you'd just like to send Bear Grylls round to do my laundry, that would be perfect, thanks !

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  1. hehe this looks loads of fun xx

  2. Sounds like a fun day

  3. All in all, a fab day! Love the photos!

  4. It sounds like a great box of goodies but it seems a shame that the box didn't include Bear Grylls, tee hee!

  5. Carol Masterton18 June 2012 at 04:26

    That sounds like great fun! Well done to you for being so creative in doing different activities with your children.

  6. looks like the kids had loads of fun


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