Wednesday 13 June 2012

Interplay myStyle Union Jack Cushion kit review

You may remember in a recent blogpost (here) I told you that, just before the Diamond Jubilee celebrations kicked off, Sophie was gutted because she had a nosebleed all over her beloved Union Jack cushion. Well, it was perfect timing for us to receive another fabulous crafts kit from Interplay called "Make Union Jack Cushions".

The kit contains everything you need to make two cushions, namely two inner cushions, all the pre-cut felt pieces you need, white/pink/blue embroidery thread, an embroidery needle and 3 buttons. The only thing missing is a pair of scissors - I actually would have preferred to have a pair of small kids' scissors in the box, or to have pre-cut lengths of embroidery thread, so that the box is a complete unit that you could take on holiday or to the grandparents' and have absolutely everything you need.

Sophie was a bit nervous that she wouldn't manage to sew in straight lines but the pre-punched holes that act as a guide actually make it very easy. The only two complications are getting knots in the thread and working out which way up the diagonal parts should go on the flag (because I never know, even when I'm getting the kids to draw them at school !). It would have been good to have a bit extra thread of each colour because, although what is in the box is sufficient to complete the project, there isn't a lot to spare so any wastage - either through the aforementioned knots or if you go wrong and need to unpick some stitches - leaves you wondering if you're going to run out. For me, it wouldn't be a problem as I have a huge sewing box full of every coloured thread under the rainbow, but for most people buying these kits, the whole point is that they contain all the materials you wouldn't normally have at home.

The kit is designed for children aged 8+ but it was so much fun that I made one and 10-year-old Sophie made the other ! It was lovely to have a crafts project that we could do at the same time and that actually made a funky and functional end project. Sophie is very proud of having home-made cushions on her bed, especially as they look so professional that her friends wouldn't believe that she made one ! We love the twist on the usual Union Jack design with the inversed colours too.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £14.99

Disclosure : We received a Union Jack Cushion kit in order to write an honest review.

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