Monday 11 June 2012

Schwartz review #17 : Coronation Chicken

In honour of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, Schwartz introduced a limited edition Classic British Coronation Chicken spice mix, and they kindly sent us through a couple of sachets to try out. Now, I have to admit, although I'd heard of it, I didn't actually have any idea of what it was before I started assembling ingredients for the recipe.

The pack explains : "Coronation Chicken was invented for the foreign guests who were to be entertained after Her Majesty the Queen’s Coronation in June 1953. The food had to be prepared in advance, and Constance Spry proposed a recipe of cold chicken in a mild and creamy curry sauce to be served with a dressed salad of rice, peas and mixed herbs. The recipe won the approval of the Minister of Works and has since been known as Coronation Chicken."

The contents of the pack look and smell like mild curry powder. Closer inspection of the ingredients list reveals that it is a blend of Coriander Seed (31%), Cumin (14%), Dried Onion, Mustard Flour, Garlic Powder, Ground Ginger, Turmeric (5%), Salt, Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid), Black Pepper, Chives, Lemon Peel Powder, Vegetable Oil, Cayenne Pepper.

Now I have to admit, I did have a moment of intense doubt when I added in the rest of the ingredients. Mayonnaise, OK, but apricot jam, really ?! (I couldn't find any mango chutney in the local shops but the pack says you can use apricot jam instead, which is what I ended up using.) Also, a handful of raisins or sultanas and 2 finely chopped spring onions. The girls looked at me like I'd gone mad when they saw me mixing jam, mayonnaise and curry powder together !

But incredibly, it works ! The strongest flavour is the slightly spicy mayonnaise (you can replace the mayonnaise with crème fraîche or Greek yogurt if you want to keep the calories down) and the raisins and jam just add a little contrasting sweetness. You honestly can't taste jam !

All that's left is to mix in the cooked chicken (this is a great way of using left over chicken after a Sunday roast) and sprinkle over some flaked almonds, which adds some lovely crunch and livens up the texture.

I used this to fill some soft rolls for my school trip to Dover Castle and Canterbury, knowing that the kids would love to go "ewww Miss, what are you eating ?" and run shrieking in terror when I told them it was a mixture of jam, mayonnaise, curry powder, raisins and chicken !! Madhouse Daddy Mike ate his with rice, while it was still warm (because I'd cooked up the chicken specially and mixed it into the sauce while still warm) and said it was lovely and I'd have to make it again. It worked really well for both actually. I particularly appreciated the fact that I had lovely moist rolls and that the bread didn't go soggy. They did make my lunch box get a bit pongy when I opened it though !!

So, did any of you try out Coronation Chicken at your street parties ? If so, what did you think ?

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : 99p for 35g

Disclosure : We received some spice mixes in order to write honest reviews.
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  1. I love coronation chicken, I normally get the coronation chicken sandwich filler from Tesco. I'll have to try making some of this one day - it sounds really nice.

  2. I want this mix! Desperate for it!

  3. You can't buy this coronation chicken mix by Schwartz anywhere in the UK.ive tried for years I don't know why do if anyone does know please tell why it's NOT available

    1. Because it was a limited edition product produced for the Queen's diamond jubilee, not a permanent addition to the product range. You could replace it with regular curry powder though.


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