Saturday 20 September 2014

Madhouse diaries : ET go ... further away from home !

You may remember back in the summer, I posted about helping a well-travelled geocoin on its way. After picking it up in Dunkirk, France, I dropped it off in Hastings, Sussex and was delighted to see it continued swiftly on its journey, currently taking a little trip to London. Not bad for a coin that started in Washington and travelled across Europe before I found it ! Well, yesterday, I managed to release another travelbug - a friendly little alien that we picked up this summer in Brittany.

This is where we picked it up, at the Pointe de Kerzanton where we had great fun finding huge dead crabs and pretty stones on the beach.

And this is where I dropped it off yesterday. After starting off in Nevada (another American one !), it swiftly found its way across to Switzerland, then Lorraine in France, but it had been bouncing around in Brittany for quite some time, moving from cache to cache, usually a matter of metres or a couple of kilometres apart at most. We brought it back to Dunkirk with us, adding 566km to its journey, helping it to reach its target of orbiting the world ! I can't wait to see where it will end up next - Belgium? England? Lots of geocachers pass through Dunkirk on their way across Europe so it could go anywhere !

For the time being, this is where it's hiding, with a lovely view of the Duchesse Anne three-master ship. What's lovely is that this is a child-oriented cache, so it should be an excited mini geocacher who picks it up next !

As often happens, geocaching made me stumble onto something completely unexpected - I'd forgotten that it was the stunt kite championships at the beach

It was great to see all the huge, funny-shaped ones.

Then it was time for a quick bit of geocaching before the school-run. Someone has gone around Dunkirk town centre hiding TWENTY new caches, which is great news ! The first one ws just next to my work.

Love the camouflage (it was hidden in a tree).

The next one was at the Tour de Leughenaer.

A plaque on the wall explains that this tower is part of the town ramparts, dating back to 1405.

I love the camouflage again, hiding this in a hole in the wall ! We've got a busy weekend ahead of us but I'm hoping to get some more geocaching in this afternoon, with a bit of luck.

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