Wednesday 24 September 2014

Pierre's made it on to Santa's Nice List ! - Letter from Santa review

I've already started getting excited about Christmas - I can't help it, I'm still a big kid at heart ! - so I was very pleased to be asked to place an order to try out a  Premium Letter From Santa from the website. It's a service which is open to customers from the UK, Ireland and the USA.

There are various pricing and delivery options available - the Premium Letter from Santa is £5.69, the Write Your Own Letter is £5.99, the regular Letter From Santa is £3.99 (all with free delivery) or you can choose an e-letter that is emailed to you as a PDF for you to print out for £2.69 (a great option if you're totally disorganised because you can order it right up until 11am on Christmas Eve !).

In order to get a totally personalised letter, you have a quick questionnaire to fill in, with information such as names, ages, sibling or friend's name, desired present, etc. It doesn't take long to fill out and any of the trickier questions have multiple choice answers if you need inspiration. It took literally a couple of minutes to place my order.

Just a few days later, an envelope plopped on the map with a Sawbridgeworth postmark on it. The bright red envelope inside (it's much brighter than this - the flash on my camera bleached all the colour out) had a much more exciting postmark on it though - the North Pole ! It's very well done and looks very authentic.

The luxuriously thick envelope is sealed with a wax seal imprinted with a snowflake. The attention to detail is very impressive and makes it all seem extra magical. Another nice touch is that the cover letter for the parents includes a sneak preview of the text on the letter so you can read it in advance without damaging the seal.

Inside, again on thick high quality paper, you get a certificate to show that you're on the Nice List (which I'm sure will be safely tucked away as a keepsake or else proudly displayed on the wall).

As well as the all important letter. It looks handwritten (even if it isn't !) and, although it follows a template, it does sound totally tailored to your child, due to the details that you enter in the questionnaire. Our one mentions the reindeer playing hide and seek behind the clouds when we were on the plane going on holiday - I just know Pierre will be looking out for them next year when we take off ! - as well as seeing the elves wrapping up Juliette's present.

There is also a special "Santa Stop Here" colouring sheet which declares "I'm tucked up in bed and fast asleep". That's a bonus gift for the parents who are trying to get their over-excited offspring into bed on Christmas Eve !

I absolutely love seeing the look of pure delight  and excitement on the Madhouse kids' faces when they are still young enough to believe and they get a special personalised message from Father Christmas. I can't wait to show this to Pierre a bit nearer the time and spread some Christmas magic - for me as much as him !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £5.69 for the Premium Letter from Santa

for more information :

Disclosure : I received the product in order to write an honest review.

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  1. Wow, I love the sound of this. I will definitely be getting one of these for each of my boys.

    kirstyjfox AT yahoo DOT com


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