Friday 4 December 2015

Christmas gifts for foodies from Qwerkity (review)

Are you still struggling for Christmas gift ideas or are all your presents already wrapped and hidden away or waiting under the tree ? Well, if you're still in need of inspiration for any foodies in your family, I'm sure they'd be as delighted as me to receive one of these gifts from Qwerkity. They totally appeal to my passion for globe-cooking.

The paella pan costs £29.99 and provides all the authentic Spanish ingredients that you need to create the dish. You get a 500g cloth bag of traditional Bomba rice (which is recognised as the king of paella rice), a 250ml bottle of extra virgin olive oil,and five sachets of spice mix, all beautifully presented in a 32cm classic paella pan. All of the ingredients are made in Spain so you'll be able to prepare a truly authentic dish. Fantastico !

From Spain to Italy ... The Italian Cheese Kit (£19.99) contains everything you need (apart from milk) to make over ten batches of cheese (Mozzarella, Ricotta, Mascarpone), weighing about 6kg in total. The box contains a small ricotta basket with storage container, 10 vegetarian rennet tablets, thermometer, citric acid, artisan’s cheese salt, cheese cloth, calcium chloride, pipette, steriliser, instructions and recipes. All are vegetarian and preservative and additive-free. The cheeses take just an hour to prepare and require no previous experience. We had great fun during our first attempt at making homemade cheese so I'm really looking forward to trying out other types of cheese with this kit. The Madhouse kids were fascinated to see how milk could be turned into cheese so it's quite educational and scientific too. I'll be back to show you how we get on.

For more information and gift ideas, head over to the Qwerkity website - they pride themselves on offering gifts for men but I'd say they appeal to anyone, whatever their sex !

Disclosure : I received the products in order to write an honest review.


  1. I love this idea, would be a great gift

  2. Love your review,this would be such an unusual gift.I think however I'd like to read about how it turned out.It would appear to be quite a fun thing to do that could involve children.Keep me posted x

    1. Definitely - as I put on the end of the post, I'll be back to show how we get on !

  3. The italian cheese kit looks pretty neat! Great gift for cheese lovers.


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