Monday 21 December 2015

So what does Santa do for the rest of the year?

I've finally found the time to clear out my emails and I had a good giggle at this one. In the run up to Christmas, PhotoBox have been finding out what the nation’s kids’ think Santa does for the rest of the year. The results are very cute, with a quarter deciding Santa’s favourite drink is beer, 24% saying that Santa’s Sunday Roast companion is the Tooth Fairy, 42% explaining how he loves to sing and 23% affirming that he likes to play football. 

Inspired by the findings, PhotoBox have captured Mr Claus throughout the year and made the beautiful images available to download online (here), with each month depicting the hilarious descriptions and runaway imaginations of the nation’s children. Photobox suggest using them to create a fun calendar featuring Mr Claus throughout the year, which is a nice idea.

You can see some of the kids' answers here. I decided to ask Pierre too and his answers made me smile :

Where does Santa go on holiday?
To Morocco

What is Santa's favourite drink?

What is Santa's favourite food?
Crisps and cookies

How does Santa make his naughty or nice list?
With his magic.

Does Santa have another job?
Looking after the reindeer.

What does Santa do to relax?
Iron his pyjamas ... or maye his magic does that for him !

If you ask your kids, I'd love to hear their cutest or most surprising answers so do share !

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