Monday 28 December 2015

Ravensburger puzzle review : World Wonders 2000 piece

Ravensburger recently sent us through one of their puzzles to review and I correctly predicted that it would turn into a family project over Christmas.

The World Wonders puzzle contains a whopping 2000 pieces - the largest puzzle I think I have ever undertaken - so make sure you have some help and make sure you also have a tablecloth handy because your dining room table wil be requisitioned for at least a couple of days !

The panoramic (wide and relatively short) puzzle measures 132 x 61cm so it just about fit our table - you might want to measure your table first though to be on the safe side !

It is jam packed with details so it's one of those puzzles where you will be constantly looking at the picture on the box to see where each section goes. What slightly confused us to begin with is the wraparound, meaning that there are two Hollywoods and two Sydney Opera Houses, for example, on both edges.

It's an educational puzzle if the kids get involved, pointing out the different continents and countries, as well as the various cultural symbols, landmarks and wildlife that represent them.

It's a beautiful puzzle that would look great framed in a child's bedroom once complete.

We even discovered Father Christmas, which was very apt, as we were doing the puzzle on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

As you can see, it's such a big puzzle that we had to climb up on a chair to manage to fit it all in shot !

We always like a family project like a puzzle to keep up busy and away from our screens over Christmas and this one was perfect, because it was as addictive as it was challenging. The pieces fit together really well so it was easy to slide and even lift different sections into place and it also survived having the tablecloth put on and pulled off repeatedly. As you can see, we were all really proud when it was complete ... then the kids had great fun breaking it all up again !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £21.99

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.


  1. That looks a lot of fun! I love all the little details!

  2. A fantastic puzzle! I was asked to review it but I don't have a space big enough for it, such a pity

    1. I have the space but rarely have the time - this was perfect for a Christmas project though !


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