Monday 7 December 2015

Spreading seasonal Cheer(ios)! (Ho Ho #Cheerios ?!)

What could be more exciting than receiving a surprise gift in the mail? Could it be an unexpected Secret Santa? Or an early Christmas present?

I opened the enclosed card and discovered that it came from Cheerios, who are spreading some seasonal cheer(ios) to celebrate the fact that they won an award for Best Breakfast in The Grocer's New Product Awards 2015.

As they excitedly told me, the panel said that they "proved a breakfast cereal could be delicious while meeting the low-sugar agenda". You may remember when we reviewed the Low Sugar Oat Cheerios, the Madhouse kids didn't notice any difference, compared to their regular Cheerios, which has to be a good result !

Their enthusiasm was infectious so I already had a smile on my face when I opened my gift and discovered a gorgeous cross stitch kit. I haven't done any sewing for ages so this will be a great way to inspire me to get back into cross stitching.

Have you had any lovely surprises in the mail lately?

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