Wednesday 30 December 2015

Geocaching Diaries : Bon Voyage Froggie Travel Bug !

One of the most exciting parts of geocaching is discovering a travelbug - a little keyring-type object with a code that allows you to track where it's been and where it will continue to go after you've helped it on its way.

We found this cute little frog travelbug called KROAA at Armbouts-Cappel Lake near Dunkirk in France a few weeks ago.

According to his tracking page, as he's a frog, he likes to be close to water and swampy areas.

So it's quite apt that both the day when we picked him up and also dropped him off were decidedly damp !

I went to look up his itinerary so far and he's actually a fairly recent travelbug, having only been released a few months ago in September 2015. He started out in Poitou-Charentes in France but within a week, was travelling 640km (400 miles) to Belgium, before crossing back over the border into Northern France where I found him.

We brought him over to England with us and released him in Hastings this week, in a suitably swampy wood.

He's currently hiding in this hollow tree and I can't wait to see where he'll end up next. 

I love the fact that you see across to my childhood stomping ground - both my parents' house and secondary school - from where we dropped him off.

Happy (or hoppy?!) travels, little froggie ! Have you had any geocaching adventures or found any travel bugs lately?


  1. How exciting! Hope your little froggy friend will travel far and you can track his progress along the way.

    1. I was amazed at how far he's gone already in such a short time - most don't move that far !


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