Saturday 19 December 2015

Wellness Core Grain Free dog food review

You probably won't have heard of Wellness but they are apparently the number one independent, family-owned brand of natural pet food in the US. They have just launched in the UK and have a range of products available exclusively in-store and online with Pets at Home.

All recipes within the Wellness range are based on the philosophy that nutrition is at the foundation of a pet’s wellbeing. There are currently three Wellness ranges for dogs – CORE, Complete Health and Simple - which come in a variety of flavours in both wet or dry versions, so there's bound to be a product to suit you and your pets. (There's also a range for cats.)

We received a bag of the Reduced Fat Turkey Core dry food which looked similar to the dry food that Vicky and Didou usually eat but it smells much more appetising, even to a human ! This low-fat dry dog food is specially formulated for adult dogs that are less active or need to lose weight - now that Vicky is an old lady of 11 (which translates into the ripe old age of 77 in doggie years), she's finding it harder to jump up on the settee or get down the stairs so she might start putting on weight now that she's less mobile.

As with all changes to your pet's diet, you need to go slowly to avoid upset tummies and let their bodies adapt to the change in nutrients ,so we gradually introduced the new food to their bowls over the course of a week in ever increasing quantities. They either didn't notice or loved the taste and both dogs happily wolfed (or woofed ?!) down their bowls each time.

Here they are looking totally content after their feed - I love their mother-son bonding sessions and it makes us laugh that even now he's 6, Vicky still licks Didou all over every day, cleaning his ears, mouth and eyes !

RRP : £12.99 for 1.8kg

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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