Thursday 24 December 2015

Create some last minute Christmas Eve magic with the kids

Has excitement reached its peak in your home yet? The Madhouse kids are already in pyjamas and debating how many carrots to leave out for the reindeer and what Santa would like to drink, so I'm helping get them even more excited with a few of our online Christmas Eve traditions.

Firstly, it's not too late to create a special personalised video message from Santa with the PNP Portable North Pole website or app. There are free and paid options and they're all totally magical. They also have personalised phone calls from Santa too - Santa just phoned Pierre and told him that he knew we were away from home and not to worry, he's on his way, and Pierre's face was an absolute picture !

Secondly the NORAD Santa tracker is a fun and educational activity, allowing you to track Santa and his sleigh as he makes his way around the world. As I type this, he's currently in Izmir, Turkey but we've been watching him travel to Belarus, Ethiopia and Djibouti throughout the evening too !

And finally, allows you to create a free photo of Santa in your home to amaze the kids with tomorrow morning.

Whatever you end up doing tonight, if you've still got kids who believe in Santa, enjoy every second ! Have a lovely Christmas - one sleep to go !


  1. We used NORAD and our excitement was at fever pitch! And that was just the adults!!! ;) lol x hope you had a great Christmas x #LetKidsBeKids x

    1. I think the grownups get just as excited about NORAD as the kids, if not more !!


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