Saturday 19 December 2015

WHOOSH! 100% Natural Screen Cleaner review

Online surveys often ask how many TVs you have in your house but these days, it would be more interesting to ask how many screens there are. I've just been helping the kids at school (aged 14) write letters to their new American penfriends and I was amazed to see several of them saying that they had no interest in TV at all. That only lasted until I reached the next line though, which said that they watched their favourite series on their laptops and ipads instead ! Just as many people do other things while they're watching TV, such as knitting, eating or flicking through a magazine, screentime also often involves multitasking, with people cooking, eating or even going to the toilet while using their hi-tech gadgets.

This means that tablet, smartphone and laptop screens invariably end up covered in greasy and sticky fingerprints and food-related smudges, and that's without even taking into account all the invisible nasties that are probably having a major party on there !

I was therefore very interested to learn about WHOOSH!’s range of screen cleaners that protect your children (and you - I bet you're no better if you're honest !) from potentially harmful bacteria, while leaving screens with a fingerprint resistant shine. The 100% natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly formula is guaranteed to thoroughly clean all your screens and is available in 3 convenient sizes – Pocket (8ml bottle & 1 cloth), On the Go (30ml bottle & 1 cloth) and Duo (100ml bottle, 8ml bottle & 2 cloths).

A quick spray and wipe is all that is needed to get screens looking perfectly clean, but it's the added security of knowing that all the invisible nasties have been eradicated that really sells it to me.

WHOOSH! is available in Staples stores and online across the UK for £5.99, £7.98 and £16.98 for the Pocket, On the Go and Duo sizes respectively.

Disclosure : I received the product in order to write an honest review.

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