Saturday 11 February 2017

New finds for February (review round-up)

I've had lots of lovely surprise goodies arriving in the post over the past few weeks, starting off with this very special box of Cadbury chocolates. For several decades, Milk Tray Man has demonstrated that you can't go far wrong with chocolate when it comes to putting a smile on your wife or girlfriend's face, and now, "all because the lady loves Milk Tray", you can get bonus points for Valentine's Day with a special personalised box. Check out the Make Your Own section over at - I think I'd have to put "Hands off these are exclusively for Cheryl" if I bought one for myself !! As well as Milk Tray, you can personalise Dairy Milk chocolate bars, with text and also photos.


Don't forget #ChaiTime if you're hitting the shops this weekend - you can treat yourselves to a free Drink Me Chai at Cafenest in Mothercare in nine different towns from 2-3pm every day throughout February - don't mind if I do !! (Check out this week's freebie roundup for full details.) I received a tub of Spiced Chai Latte to play with at home too.

Dole have launched two new product ranges to encourage the nation to lead healthier lives by increasing their fruit intake: Frozen Fruit and Resealable Fridge Packs. No peeling, chopping or mess makes them perfect for smoothies, as well as breakfast toppings, snacking, cooking or baking. I'll be having a play with these and sharing the recipes with you very soon.

Vosene helped give the Madhouse kids' hair a fresh start for 2017 by sending us through some products from their Squeaky Clean range, which promises tangle free, shiny hair and advanced protection against head lice. The 3 in 1 Shampoo (RRP £2.54, 250ml) gently cleanses and conditions hair and scalp for naturally shiny, healthy-looking hair and contains natural tea tree oil and lemon eucalyptus oil to help prevent head lice when used alongside their Conditioning Defence Spray (RRP £2.54, 150ml). This leave-in spray detangles and smooths your child’s hair and the clinically proven formula also helps to prevent head lice, using natural ingredients such as citronella oil. (Both suitable for kids age 3+)

With 34% of UK households cutting back on eating sugary foods too often and, of those, 92% trying to actively reduce the amount of sugar in the foods they buy, it is clear that Brits are becoming increasingly concerned with overall sugar consumption. In response, Heinz have launched their brand new No Added Sugar Beanz, naturally sweetened with stevia plant extracts. Naturally low in fat, a 100g serving of Heinz No Added Sugar Beanz contains just 0.2g of fat and is cholesterol free. I served them up with some bangers and mash and nobody was any the wiser !

Kiddylicious sent us a surprise gift box (or gift tube !) of their healthy kiddie snacks. The Madhouse kids have been happily munching on Fruit Wriggles (fruit puree and juice made into wriggly snacks), Gingerbread Buddies (made with love and wholemeal flour), Smoothie Melts (crunchy, melty, bubbly bites) and Crispie Tiddlers (fruit puree and juice mixed with puffed rice). 

After winning a twitter competition for Chinese New Year, I received a selection of Mr Lee's Noodles and was very impressed at the wide range of flavours - Dragon Fire Mushroom, Tai Chi Chicken, Shaolin Monk Vegetables, Penang Chicken Curry Laksa, Hong Kong Street Beef and Warrior Fighting Shrimp. Perfect for a quick lunch at work or a snack for the kids when they get home from school ravenously hungry !

Stérimar sent us their STOP & PROTECT Cold and Sinus Relief nasal spray to put through its paces. Made with 100% natural sea water with added copper and eucalyptus oil, it provides hydration to keep the nasal lining from drying out and also helps to fight colds and secondary infection by washing out the nasal cavity. As always happens, I got the sniffles at the start of the week, just in time for the school holidays, but as soon as I started sneezing, I started using the Sterimar and was delighted to see that it didn't develop into a full-blown cold. It's suitable for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and children from 3 years. Available from Boots and most independent pharmacists, RRP £8.99 for 120 sprays.

And finally, Twinings sent us a box of their English Strong Breakfast Tea which promises to be "lively and full of flavour". It certainly does have a robust but very pleasant flavour that is great for kicking off the day. (RRP £4.99 for 80 tea bags)

Disclosure : We received the products, as competition wins, random surprise giftings or in return for a review.

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