Monday 13 February 2017

We're Going On A ... Bear Hunt Twitter Party !

You may have noticed the new badges on the top of my sidebar announcing not one but two upcoming twitter parties. The first of these will be taking place this week, on Thursday 16th February from 4-6pm and if you come along to join in the fun, using the hashtag #BearHunt, you might win one of the prizes up for grabs.

We've been spending the first morning of our half term holiday discovering all the contents of our party box and the first thing that Pierre pulled out was the new animated DVD (that you might have watched on TV over Christmas) and this lovely snuggly bear soft toy.

To enhance the kids' experience of watching the 30 minute DVD, we will have popcorn and question sheets.

There will be a treasure trail.

A few games of Pin The Tail On The Bear !

A Biscuit Decorating activity, which I want to take part in too !

And some bear ears to cut out and make.

 We will also have some great party bags for when it's all over.

 Waiting until Thursday is going to be hard to bear though !

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