Saturday 4 February 2017

New Year Resolutions Review week #5 : And we're into February !

Another week, another roundup of how I'm getting on (or not) with my New Year challenges

1. Get Fit(bitting) !
Another week of hitting my step target (the recommended 10,000 steps per day) every single day ... except for today, when I got home after a Saturday morning at work for open day, followed by a trip to McDonald's then a quick shopping trip to buy a second hand laptop for Juliette for her birthday (so she can stop pinching mine !) and promptly fell asleep for two hours ! Oh well, I obviously needed it and I've still got a few hours to get in my missing steps. Fourteen days at 10k steps so it would be a shame to break the record now !

2. Get cooking bookmarked recipes ! 
Lots more decluttering in the kitchen cupboards, using up ends of bottles and jars. I made Lemon Cranberry Muffins and No-Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecake, which were both bookmarked #readcookeat recipes, as well as Korvapuusti, Finnish cinnamon buns from last month's Kitchen Trotter Box.

3. Get geocaching !
I didn't get out geocaching but I did search out and print some log books to put into some geocaches of our own. I also went looking for travelbugs on amazon and ebay to put in some of our caches but they're quite expensive. Hiding our own caches is definitely on the cards during the school holidays in a week's time.

4. Get comping !
In my New Year's challenges, I said that I wanted to try to up my winnings by entering more creative competitions. I've only found one so far - a photo competition from Ambrosia with loads of prizes - and I won a set of six trifle glasses. That takes my total of January wins to four, after my £20 shopping voucher, set of books and Mr Lee's noodles, which is fab, as I was aiming for one win per month !

5. Get reading !
 I finished one gripping thriller, James Patterson's Jack and Jill, which I haven't had a chance to review yet, and started another, Fool Me Once by Harlan Coben.

6. Get FLYing !
Erm nope ... I didn't even look at the missions this week. I did get a few things done that were niggling me though, like reorganising the kitchen cupboards and cleaning the bathroom mirror !

8. Get bloggy housekeeping !
My visitor stats haven't changed but my klout score is falling through the floor - I need to find time to get chattier on twitter which should sort that out !

9. Get French !
My empty criminal record finally arrived. I haven't had time to go to the post office and buy my "timbre fiscal" yet though but it's on the cards for next week.

What about you? Have you set yourself any targets, challenges or new year's resolutions this year?


  1. All sounding very positive and moving in the right direction. Hope you got the rest of your steps in.


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