Tuesday 28 February 2017

What’s Your #NumNomsFoodie Flavour for Pancake Day?!

Last year was the year of the Num Noms, with the collectable scented craze making its way into households across the UK. 2017 sees the launch of Series 3 and Lights, bringing to the shelves funky new characters and brand new food themes, such as Marshmallow, Donuts, Fruits, Veggies, Candy and Fiesta foods, for even more ways to collect.

To mark the arrival of these new wacky stackables, we were invited to take part in a fun project for Pancake Day, combining our favourite Num Noms flavours for weird and wacky (or just plain delicious) toppings. Juliette excitedly rummaged through her box of Num Noms to see what we could find that related to real life ingredients in the kitchen.

We'd been provided with a few recipe ideas for inspiration : 

Coconut Raspberry Topper, Introducing Razzi Berry, Coco Cali and Choco Sprinkles! We think these three would make a pancake with just the right balance of sweet, sour, and a hint of coocnut!

Straw-Nana Mallow Madness - when you already have a Nom which combines the delicious flavours of strawberry and banana in a lipgloss, it would be crazy not to combine these two in a pancake. We’re bringing extra tasty toastyness with Toasty Mallow too, because who wouldn’t want melted marshmallow in a pancake?

Just cheese - When you need a savoury treat, where better to start than cheese? Cheesy Burrito is our chosen character for this one, part of the Fiesta Food Starter Pack it makes for the perfect pancake.

So, what would we find in the Madhouse kitchen? Well, first of all, Sunny Omelette came along to provide the eggs.

Next we found cheese (C.H.Z.), Papa Corn (buttered popcorn - not sure how that would work in a pancake, but why not ?!) and red berries (strawberry scented Rockie S. Berry).

Other options to add to our display of Num Nom-inspired ingredients were bananas (Nana Pop), butter (Buttery Go-Go), peanuts (Peanut Go-Go) and apple (toffee apple-scented Cara Mellie).

Lemon juice and sugar may be a traditional choice but we had orange (or more precisely clementines) instead, with OJ Pop coming along for the ride !

By now, Juliette was on a Num Noms roll ! Cinnamon ? That'll be Cindy Cinnamon ! Raisins? Grapple (Grape Apple) Gloss-Up !

OK, I think that's PLENTY to be getting on with !!

Right, time to get making the pancakes !

Juliette went for a striking combination of mint choc and milk chocolate chips - we could have had Mac Minty, Minty Mallow, Peyton Peppermint or Mintberry Gloss-Up for the mint and Choco Sprinkles, Choco Swirl, Choco S'Mores Gloss-Up, Choco Cream or Choco Go-Go for the chocolate, to name but a few

... but we didn't have any of those so she brought along Maple Cakes instead. 

Can you guess what went in the next one?

Here's a little help ... a trio of cute Num Noms called Cindy Cinnamon, Maple Cakes and Nana Pops.

Banana and Cinnamon Pancakes - my new favourite pancake. Thanks Nums Noms for the inspiration !

So  #What’sYourFlavour this Pancake Day ? A traditional classic or something a bit more unusual ?

Disclosure : We received some Num Noms and a shopping voucher to take part in the challenge.

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  1. These are so cute! You guys certainly got creative :) I think I'm more of a traditional classic type person, simple x


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