Sunday 6 August 2017

Globecooking recipe : Cod bites (Guadeloupe)

When I saw the recipe for cod bites in my Guadeloupe-themed Kitchen Trotter box, I told the kids that it was like chicken nuggets made with fish. Well, it was really - just an upmarket version ! I don't have a deep fat fryer any more, after switching over to an Actifry years ago, so I shallow fried them, which meant they came out a bit greasy and uneven. Deep fat frying would undoubtedly work better in this case.

This recipe used one exotic ingredient from the box - a bag of "special spice blend for fish", which is a mixture of fennel, laurel, dill and parsley.

Cod bites

ingredients :

400g cod
4tbsp spice blend for fish (see above)
vegetable oil for frying
1 lime
salt, pepper

for the batter :

130g plain flour + extra
120ml beer
60ml milk
1 spring onion or a few stalks of chives
1 egg
1tbsp bicarbonate of soda

Put the milk and beer into a bowl, then whisk in the flour, bicarb and egg. Stir in the chives/spring onion and spice blend.

Chop the cod into biggish chunks, season with salt and pepper, roll in flour and immerse them in the batter mix. Make sure they are completely covered.

Pop into the deep fat fryer at 180° until they rise to the surface and are golden brown, or shallow fry on both sides as I did. (Make sure you have enough oil to cover the bottom of the pan and add more if necessary.) Drain on kitchen paper, squeeze over some lime juice and serve with rice, salad or mash.


  1. These look delicious!

  2. They look absolutely delicious, we like fish bites from the chip shop, I never think to make them at home xxx

  3. Love the sound of that fish spice mix, all beautiful flavours for fish. I don't have a deep fat frier, never had. I wonder if baking them in the oven would work?

    1. That was my first thought but I don't think the batter would puff up :-/


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