Friday 25 August 2017

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 25/8

It's been a fun summer, visiting Turkey, Brittany and Sussex, but it's time to hang up our travelling pants and get back into routine (and go back to school - boo !) which means, I'm back to menu planning. At the moment the fridge is empty, so the first stop will be going shopping !


lunch - chicken burgers with rice and coleslaw

dinner - spaghetti carbonara for the kids, smoked haddock chowder for the grown-ups


lunch - either BBQ or roast dinner, depending on the weather

dinner - leftovers from lunch or fridge grazing - or possibly chicken & veg soup if we had a roast


lunch - pasta with leftover BBQ meat and some veggies, or chicken pie, mash and veggies if it was a roast dinner

dinner - prawn succotash - which, I have discovered, is a mix of sweetcorn and lima beans (or similar)


lunch - chicken & leek filo parcels with buckwheat

dinner - meatloaf with rice


lunch - macaroni cheese with burgers and roast tomatoes

dinner - grilled salmon with pomegranate molasses drizzled on top, with veggies (broccoli maybe)


lunch - spaghetti with meatballs, red peppers, onions, mushrooms, etc

dinner - chicken & veg stir fry with noodles


lunch - sloppy joes with actifry chips and coleslaw

dinner - slow cooked barbacoa beef in wraps with salad & rice

Baking projects :

cranberry cheesecake
mango & coconut choux buns
currant buns / rock cakes
currant pie

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  1. Lively meals. Difficult to plan as the weather keep changing.

  2. Sounds a great meal plan. Cranberry cheesecake sounds delicious

  3. Sounds a great meal plan. Cranberry cheesecake sounds delicious

  4. I also like serving burgers with rice and salad rather than in a bun. Buns just make it feel like you are eating a sandwich!

  5. They sound yummy. I love spaghetti cabonara xXx


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