Tuesday 22 August 2017

Shnooks review

The official blurb says : "Welcome to Shnook Brook – a magical place where a rainbow meets a waterfall and little Shnooks are born in rainbow bubbles ! Shnooks magically grow 8x in size from their unique shubble-bubble pack ! Check out the stylish Shnooks in their brand new commercial. Pop the bubble, shake the Shnook, and style their colourful hair ! Collect them and they’ll SHNOOK after you !"

When we saw the "grows 8x in size" bit on the packaging, both myself and my daughter Juliette first thought that you'd need to soak them in water or inflate them or something, but you actually just shake them to fluff up their hair.

They start off in a very flat vacuum-packed bag, which reminded us of the quilt storage bags that you can use with a vacuum cleaner to make them go all small.

They already look very cute, albeit squished, in the bag.

After slitting the bag, you hear a little hiss as the air comes in, then you need to fluff up the troll-style hair. 

Juliette was slightly disappointed that they only grow in width, not diameter - she thought they would be eight times bigger all round.

You can have great fun giving them a makeover and creating weird and wacky hairstyles.

The Shnooks come with a bag full of hair accessories, that you can use on your furry friend or even on yourself !

Some of the hair came out in the comb but there was still plenty left on our Shnooks' heads to make ponytails or bouffant backcombed quiffs.

There are six different Shnooks to collect - Shmiley, Shnuggles, Shine, Shweetly, Shazam and Shay - and in order to further support the re-launch (they were first on the market in 2008), ZURU have partnered with New Zealand animation studio, Huhu Studios, to produce an exciting new Shnooks TV series set for worldwide distribution later this year. The series will include adventure, magical hair tricks, friendship lessons and a whole lot more in the currently planned 26, seven minute episodes with supporting online content.

RRP: £ 7.99

for more information : Facebook: www.facebook.com/ShnooksWorld/ | Website: www.shnooks.com

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.


  1. Looks like great fun!

  2. They look really cute, my Megan has just turned 5 and would love one of these xXx

  3. My daughter will have hours of fun with them. 💜


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