Saturday 26 August 2017

L.O.L. Surprise Doll Series 2 Lil Sisters review

If you have a tween-aged daughter, or if you're a regular reader of my blog, you're undoubtedly familiar with the L.O.L. Surprise Dolls, with their seven layers of surprises to unwrap - if not, you can check out our review of L.O.L. Surprise from earlier in the year, when we reviewed the first series of the Lil Outrageous Littles. Series Two has just been released and, along with the regular sized L.O.L's (which we will be reviewing very soon), there is also a new part to the collection - smaller (and cheaper) Lil Sister versions. They have five surprises to unwrap and there are matching big and little versions of the dolls that you can try to pair up for extra excitement and collectability.

Juliette didn't really notice any difference to the original packaging until I pointed out the Lil Sister part, so make sure you don't buy a Lil Sister thinking it's one of the bigger versions with a discounted price. When you see them side by side, it's obvious, because they're about half the size of the original L.O.L. Surprise, but if you don't have a point of comparison, you may be fooled. May the unwrapping begin !

The first two surprises, just as in the bigger, original L.O.L. Surprise Dolls, are a secret message and a sticker. Juliette is never overly enthusiastic about these, giving them a brief glance before moving on to the next layer.

This is where the fun really begins and excitement levels mount as the spotty pink bags put in an appearance - what will be hiding inside?

In bag one, we got some funky, glittery, gold shoes and bag two revealed a cute bag with a buzzy bumble bee design.

Saving the best till last, it was time to discover which of the little dolls was hiding away - ta da ! With her funky golden hair that matched her glittery shoes, she looked like a Disco Queen.

Putting this together with the bee on the bag, it made perfect sense when we discovered that her name is Lil Queen Bee. Juliette was over the moon to discover that she is one of The Glitterati and she is an ultra rare one.

There is one final surprise - which to my mind is more impressive than the first two but they don't even count it ! - always involving water. Your doll may cry, spit, wee or change colour. As the surprise sticker revealed, this one changes colour (not the whole thing - just some parts).

After a lot of fiddling trying to press a hard piece of plastic into a little hole (tricky and painful for little fingers but grandad came to the rescue !), you can transform the ball that it all came in into a keyring.

As with the larger dolls, they are extremely cute and collectible. If you've been put off by the price of the original L.O.L. Surprise dolls, these are a more affordable alternative, especially if your children are saving up their own pocket money. I'm sure most fans will want them in addition the the bigger ones though - Juliette certainly does !

RRP : £5.99

for more information :

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.


  1. Megan has asked for the lol surprise dolls she has seen them on you tube kids reviews, I spend loads on toys and she prefers watching other children unwrap them on kids tube 😂 xxx

    1. LOL Every time I get a toy for review, Juliette squeals about seeing them reviewed on some kids youtube channel somewhere !

  2. Ella saw these in Tesco when we were school shopping and she desparately wants them. I now know whats going in her Christmas stocking this year!

  3. Good tip on the packaging. Great price even if small

  4. My 5 year old has these on her Christmas list already, its nice to see a cheaper version. I would maybe buy this as a treat unlike the larger ones

  5. OMG you got lil queenbee. You are so luck!!I love l.o.l surprise dolls. They are amazing. I recently bought the lol pearl surprise and it was so cool to drop the fizz and open the shell with the lol surprise dolls inside.I never got the queen bee so. Congratulations pretty.


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