Wednesday 23 August 2017

The delicious new Num Noms have arrived ! #NumNomsSeries4 (review)

Num Noms Series 4 has landed with a menu of cute new characters and delicious scents – including the launch of a new variety of Noms, available in scented Nail Varnish and flavoured Glitter Lip Gloss. Cue squeals of delight from Juliette ! Cookies, Fancy Cakes, Creamery, Baked Goods, Creme-Filled and Pasta are amoung the yummy variety of children’s collectables for this season’s tasty foodie theme. Juliette has been a fan of Num Noms for quite some time so she already has quite a large collection of culinary cuties, but this series seems extra appealing. They smell totally delicious too. Let me introduce you to some of the new recruits.

This tantalising trio are Wintergreen Crème, Terry Berrywich and Berries N Crème.

Next up we have I C Sandwich, Orange Crunch and Nilla Shake.

These gorgeous creations are Confetti Cookie, Madelyn Macaron and Violet Contessa (which, I think, is my favourite, with her lacy icing design).

 Finally, we have Sugar Crème, Lemons Pinkfill and Hottie Chocolate.

As well as the squishy, stackable Nums, we received three glitter lip balm Noms - Bubbly Drop Gloss-Up, Mint Swirl Gloss Up and Lemon Drop Gloss Up. If you're unfamiliar with Num Noms, the Noms also come as erasers, motorised, light-up, stampers or nail varnish. Peeking out at the back is one last Num who was hiding when I took the photos - Tia Tea-time.

Each new series has a different foodie theme - the new series 4 covers Cakes and Cookies, but earlier series have included fairground treats and savoury options, so you can create some very weird and wacky stacked combinations. We've even recreated some in the Madhouse kitchen, including pineapple-inspired Donapples and Sananas-dwiches, Num Noms-inspired Pancakes for Pancake Day, Gory Marshmallow Brains for Halloween and some fruit desserts for the Num Noms Wacky Bakers Challenge. It can be a great way of getting the kids to try out new flavours or combinations.

Series 4 Num Noms are available in Starter Packs (RRP £9.99) which come in eight delicious varieties of Cookies & Milk, Tea Party, Ice Cream Sandwiches, Frozen Yogurt, Snack Break, Princess Cakes, Frosted Donuts and Bundt Cakes; Num Noms Series 4 Lunch Box Deluxe (RRP £16.99) with Sweets Sampler and Desserts Tray in the style of super cute Lunchboxes, which can be re-used to carry your collectables; six different choices of Num Noms Surprise in a Jar (RRP £9.99) with flavours including Smores, Rainbow Pop and Sugary Glaze. You can also buy Num Noms Series 2 Lights (RRP £4.99), Num Noms Nail Polish Maker (RRP £49.99) and Num Noms Collectors Case (RRP £19.99).

Is it too early to say that they'd be great as a Christmas gift for girls right up to their tweens ?!

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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