Thursday 31 August 2017

Tsum Tsum travels !

I can't believe the summer is already drawing to a close. We've packed in lots of adventures - some of the highlights were a fortnight in Turkey where Pierre learnt to swim without armbands and even underwater, catching up with the family in Sussex and getting up close to a wild dolphin in Brittany. For the final stage of our travels, we had an extra mini suitcase to pack with some special travelling companions.

Some ultra-cute summer-themed Tsum Tsums. I hope they remembered their passports !

After looking around the ferry to find the best place to sit, we all settled in front of the big windows.

The Tsum Tsums wanted to get out and stretch their legs.

Then as the boat left the port, they wanted to head outside to enjoy the views and the sea air.

Mickey, NO !! You can't go scuba diving in the Channel !

There'll be Tsum Tsums over under the White Cliffs of Dover !

I'm sure this seagull was rolling his eyes at us, thinking we were a bunch of nutters ! 

They're very cute and Juliette was over the moon to add them to her collection. The little cardboard suitcase-shaped box contains Mickey and Minnie in diving mode, complete with diving mask and oxygen tank for Mickey and swimming goggles for Minnie.

Donald is having a go on a surfboard.

Dumbo and Daisy Duck have got their summer togs on, but our ultimate favourite is Goofy, with his cool rubber ring.

If you want to check out where some other bloggers took their Tsum Tsums over the summer, search for the #tsumtsumtravels hashtag on instagram.

Disclosure : We received some Tsum Tsums to take on our travels.


  1. I think you are just a little bit nutters. :) Carrying tsum tsums on a trip?! Your photos made me smile. A lovely post!


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