Tuesday 1 August 2017

#KitchenClearout July roundup and August linky

I've done a new linky for August but it might end up being a double month, as August is invariably quiet on the cooking front. Especially here at The Madhouse as we squeeze in a week at both sets of grandparents and a fortnight in Turkey - I'm tired just thinking about it !

Without further ado, here's this month's round up of fab recipes making tummy-fill rather than land-fill. I've been digging deep into the back of the cupboards to see what's been lurking in there.

To start us off, a nice summery recipe - Salade Niçoise, which used up a tin of pilchards and some leftover cooked potatoes.

A Serbian dessert - Oblande, which are wafers filled with a gooey nutty mixture - were a nice way of using up a bag of ground peanuts.

A #readcookeat recipe next, inspired by Under A Sardinian Sky - sausage and lentil stew, which cleared out the fridge, using up leftover cooked potatoes and veggies.

The globecooking continued with Bokkeumbap, Korean fried rice, which gets the #KitchenClearout crown this month, because it used uop not only some leftover cooked rice and barbecued meat but also cleared out the veg box.

Tlayudas are Mexican flatbread pizzas that use refried beans as a base, rather than tomato sauce. I happened to have half a can in the fridge - perfect !

Some unseasonably early blackberries were transformed into Blackberry Bibble, which used up some blackcurrant and cinnamon syrup.

Galina from Chez Maximka surpassed herself with another cakey masterpiece - Boiled Fruit Cake, which finished off the sultanas from the Christmas mincemeat and a bag of demerera sugar.

Another baked delight from Galina - banana yogurt cupcakes with chocolate chunks - used up various odds and ends of packets.

And finishing off her hat trick, Galina ended this month's roundup with Peanut, Cashew & Pecan Butter Oat Cookies with Chocolate Chips, which used up some sachets of porridge.

Fancy joining in? Have a rummage through your kitchen cupboards, spice rack, freezer or fridge and see if there's anything that needs using up then come and share your creations with us. Or if it's way past its sell-by date, throw it in the bin and come and tell us what you found ! It would be great if you could add my badge and a link to this post for anyone else who wants to get involved.


  1. Oooh some lovely dishes, the flatbread pizza and banana yoghurt cupcakes with chocolate chips and peanut cashew and pecan butter oat cookies with chocolate chips look delicious xxx

  2. Thank you for your kind words, Cheryl! Will be definitely joining in this month, just give me a few days to recuperate after our trip. As always, a fantastic selection, so many different recipes, so many good ideas.

    1. I love how eclectic these linkies invariably are ! Time for me to recuperate after our travels now ! :)

  3. I love banana and chocolate muffins


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