Sunday 20 August 2017

Sun-Pat Fuelling Families this summer

This summer, Sun-Pat have been busy Fuelling Families, not just with their peanut butter but also with their fabulous competition, offering families the chance to win one of 420 sports kits to help keep kids busy and active. The competition is running until 4th September and there will be ten lucky winners every day until then.

Each kit comes with a football, cricket set and skipping rope and is packaged in a convenient bag so you can throw it in the back of the car and have a great sports-themed day out at the park or on the beach.

We received one of the kits and I thought Pierre would be first to grab it, but Juliette got in first ! She was soon bending it like Beckham (well, she did her best anyway !).

She had great fun with the skipping rope and showed that she was actually pretty good at it.

She also enjoyed playing with the cricket set and even developed her own hybrid game of cricket and tennis when I was busy taking the photos and stopped bowling !

Sun-Pat have also launched an activity guide featuring 42 cheap or free activities for kids over the summer – an activity for each day of the holidays. If you're starting to get stuck for ideas of ways to keep the kids entertained and away from their screens for the remainder of the holidays, it's well worth a look. Research has shown that 85% of kids wish they spent more time outside over the holidays so they will almost definitely be up for it, and there are plenty of activities that the grown-ups will enjoy getting involved in too !

Here are some of our favourites :

Create a set of bug bingo cards featuring garden bugs like ladybirds, ants and woodlice. Challenge the kids to find them in the garden to complete the set.

Create a rock zoo! Collect unusual shaped rocks and use watercolour paints to turn them into a variety of animals, arranging them in different pens in the garden.

Visit a local pick-your-own fruit farm and use your pickings to create a tasty summer dessert – if you don’t eat them all on the way home!

Choose a favourite toy and take it on a summer adventure, taking a shot of it in as many places as possible to create a travelling toy diary!

Make the most of a rainy day by laying out blankets on the floor and having a picnic inside for a change – try Sun-Pat and Banana sarnies as a great picnic lunch.

For both the competition and the activity guide, head over to the Sun-Pat Fuelling Families website.

Disclosure : We received a Sun-Pat sports kit.


  1. I am entering the sunpat giveaways on Facebook the stuff looks great haven't won anything yet though

    1. They are lovely kits - I hope you manage to win one :)

  2. It's a good idea, we were always out plying as children, now most children are indoors on devices, even Christmas days you don't see many children out playing with their new toys its all technology these days xXx

    1. The Madhouse kids are always up for outdoor fun or board games and crafts, but their default mode, while everyone's getting ready in the mornings, or when we've come home from an activity, is on their various screens !

  3. Fantastic games. I have entered the competition. Fingers crossed.


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