Sunday 4 March 2012

The Land of Me: Story Time now available on the iPad 2 for FREE (or only £5 on Mac/PC)

The Land of Me is now available for absolutely free on iPad2 or for just £5 instead of the usual £20 on PC or Mac so it's the perfect time to discover it, if you haven't already. Read on for more information :


This is it folks! The news we've dreamt of sharing with you for ages. Story Time is now available on iPad 2 and it's FREE, FREE, FREE!!!

Whether you're a little person or a big person, the iPad is just a pretty fabulous thing. So it's no surprise that over the last 6 months, together with our fantastic developers at Less Rain we have been pulling out all the stops to get The Land of Me onto the iPad. Now, ladies and gentlemen, the time has come!! It's here! Roll out the red carpet and toot your horns! 



Download the full Mac or PC version for £5 with the code: grannyolive
Okay, so we know not everyone has an iPad 2. So, for those of you who can't take advantage of the app... here's a little something for you. Download The Land of Me for a smashing £5 instead of £20. Just head along to our shop, click on the relevant link (Mac or PC) and enter 'grannyolive' into the discount field.

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  1. My son loves playing this on the computer, I will need to win an iPad so he can use that and give me my PC back.

  2. Thanks so much for this, have just downloaded it and my son loves it. Thank you!!!


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