Saturday 14 April 2012

Halfway (Mad)House ! New Year's Resolution Update :)

Well, this week started as the week from hell - a nasty tummy bug hit The Madhouse which ended up with me being up to my elbows in multiple people's sick and poo, having to wash every single item of bedding in the house (including pillows and duvets - thank goodness we opted for the extra large washing machine and tumble drier !), taking apart vomit-filled remote controls and unclogging sinks and toilets as they got blocked. The joys of being a mum, huh ?! All this, I might add, while I was off sick and supposedly trying to get better myself ! Aaaaggghhh !

Well, I did manage to finish off the week with a smile on my face when I hopped on the scales and noticed I'd reached the milestone of losing 10kg - wow ! Now, I've still got a long way to go but this still made me incredibly smiley. Which is quite funny really because I always used to scoff at people who did this. When Mel B did her "halfway there" adverts on Jenny Craig, I rolled my eyes and thought "wait until you lose the other half before you start celebrating" !

But I have to be honest, I never really had a target because I never really expected to lose weight ! When I had my initial Jenny Craig phone consultation back in January and they asked how much weight I wanted to lose, I thought "pick a number, any number" and came up with 20kg, but it was almost as random and abstract as if you'd asked "if you could go back in time, which year would you like to go and visit?" !

I'm still not quite sure how I got here to be honest. I haven't started going to the gym, I haven't stopped eating any of my favourite foods, I haven't been hungry once. But when I went to see my doctor yesterday for my "sick child" note for work, even he commented that I'd lost weight !

Well, I think my secret ally has definitely been the Thinking Slimmer SlimPod. As you'll remember when I first told you about it here, I was an absolute cynic when I first started. How could listening to a 10 minute recording of the silky, sexy voice of Thinking Slimmer's Trevor have the slightest influence on my eating habits, my general sense of fulfilment or my weight ? Well, I still don't know to be honest but it has certainly done all three - without the slightest effort on my part. You can even fall asleep while listening to it - you couldn't possibly get any easier than that !

This photo that I had to get taken today (for an online project I'll tell you about when it all goes live !) was a total eye opener - those jeans that are looking decidedly baggy are the same ones that I used as my first target jeans when I started the SlimPod. I needed about an extra 2 inches to even hope to get them done up when I started, now they're getting too big !

Oh go on then, I'll give you a before photo to compare! I had a real moral dilemma before posting this photo - in fact, if it hadn't been taken by Sophie (on holiday in Turkey last year), I'd have deleted it long ago ! I did trawl through my photos from last year to find the most unflattering one. No, I wasn't pregnant. Nuff said !

Well, let's see if I can lose another 10kg then !

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Disclaimer : I was given a free SlimPod back in October and asked to write a review. Which I did. All the extra tweets and blogposts since then, extolling the virtues of something that I thought was going to be a complete waste of time, are purely because I'm blown away by how well it's worked.  They're not sponsored tweets/posts. I have also done a month's Jenny Craig and a couple of weeks of Weightwatchers, but I still think the SlimPod is the biggest factor as it subconsciously keeps your eating on track. In any case, I'd already lost 5kg purely with the SlimPod before starting any of the eating plan trials.

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  1. Wow!! That's impressive!!! and how are the "French" reacting to this method? makes me wonder...

  2. Wow that is amazing! Go you!

  3. I am still eating a lot less, barely snacking at all, but dont seem to be losing....I am so jealous...but hey ho such is life

  4. Dorothee - it's huge news in Britain but I don't think it's really made it to France yet.

    Dragonsandfairydust - Thanks !

    Fun-as-a-gran - Are you using a slimpod too ? Some weeks, my weight didn't change but I could tell the difference by how tight (or loose) my clothes were, which is strange. Hang on in there - good luck xx

    Quel beau résultat !!!
    Nous te souhaitons "Bon courage"
    pour la suite.
    Il faudra que tu me donnes ta recette
    parce qu'en anglais..c'est dur pour moi

  6. Anonymous = reun29
    tu reconnais ??

  7. well done on your weight loss, thats great!

  8. You're doing fantastic, I know how hard weight loss is so well done. The SlimPod sounds like a great idea.

  9. Wow! Congratulations! You look great!


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