Friday 1 June 2012

Have you got your Jubilee Tea Towel ?!

You can't get more quintessentially British than a commemorative tea towel ! I remember my mum and dad buying one when Charles & Diana got married, I'm sure they had one for the Silver Jubilee too (when I was knee high to a sparrow and running around in a sunhat that my nan had painstakingly sewn Union jacks all over!) and they even used to bring back tea towels for relatives as holiday souvenirs ! Well, Asda have helped us keep up the tradition because they sent us through a lovely tea towel to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee. 

It's part of a range of Diamond Jubilee souvenirs that will be hitting the shelves in Asda next week and the amazing thing is, they all cost under a fiver !

These rather funky mugs are only £3 each, which is the same budget-friendly price as the tea towel we received. I have to admit, I fell in love with the royal-themed cushions too :

Crown Cushion £7

 Union Jack Cushion £7

 LOVE cushion £8.47

Visionaire Union Jack Cushion £9

Illustrative Cushion £8

The whole Jubilee range will be available in store next week. Go on, you know you'll kick yourself if you don't grab yourself a slightly cheesy souvenir !!

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  1. No I don't but I have my jubilee mug!

  2. I am in LOVE with those cushions!!!!! Gorgeous. I also love the mugs, thanks!

  3. i bought union jack clothing for the kids to party in thats about it, more mugs in our house then we know what to do with, most of which have been gifts crazy!


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