Wednesday 17 October 2012

EcoGrill barbecue review

At the very tail end of the summer, I received an EcoGrill disposable barbecue to review. I had dreams of an Indian summer and balmy early autum days when we could head to the beach or to one of the local parks that has a lovely barbecue/picnic area so that we could have a fun family day out. This turned out to be a pipe dream though - we haven't had a single warm, dry weekend so far that would have given us the opportunity to try it out !

I still want to tell you about it though because I love the concept, and it's one of those things that you could store in the car boot for an impromptu family day out if the weather ever plays ball. (Just call me an eternal optimist !)

The Eco-Grill looks like the kind of totally natural barbecue that a boy scout would rustle up from scratch before lighting it by enthusiastically rubbing a stick ! It is made from alder wood and is filled with alder charcoal so it's totally  natural, eco-friendly and bio-degradable. It has a wick for you to light - no need for stinky lighter fuel (I'm always concerned about residue from that getting on to the food) - and after leaving it for 20 minutes to burn evenly, it will give you two hours of barbecue time. When the cooking is over, you just leave it to burn out completely - sounds like the perfect time to toast marshmallows on sticks to me ! - eventually leaving you with nothing but a pile of ashes. 

I love the way it's self-contained, sounds dead easy to use and is totally environmentally friendly. I still hold out some hope that we will get a dry autumn day during the half term holiday so that we can get barbecueing au naturel and see if it's as good as it looks. It sounds like the perfect glamping accessory to me.

star rating : 5/5 for the concept but the weather has put paid to any attempts to actually try it out so far

RRP : £9.99

Disclosure : We received an Eco-Grill, in order to write an honest review.

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  1. This looks really different.

  2. Wow! What a great concept! And it looks nice as well!

  3. my brother would love this, think i may get him one for xmas :))))

  4. Do you put the food directly onto the coals? It looks like a great product!

    1. I'd put a grill over the top or you can use aluminium dishes or even beer cans to cook sausages in (memories of student beach bbqs there !!)

  5. such a great idea, hope you get a decent day to try it out


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