Tuesday 30 October 2012

Warner Brothers Halloween Box of Delights

Warner Brothers, I love you ! Why ? Because every time the school holidays come around, you send through a fabulous package of DVDs and extra bits and bobs to help stave off the cries of "I'm bored" and the ensuing tantrums/whingeing/squabbling ! This time, they sent through a fabulous Halloween-themed package containing :

Tom & Jerry Tricks & Treats - 22 episodes featuring the famously feuding cat and mouse including several in spooky settings in honour of Halloween, but also many non-Halloweeny ones so you can watch it all year round. Total runtime of 134 minutes so it's one that we've been dipping into to watch a couple of episodes at a time.

Big Top Scooby Doo (Original Movie) - As the title suggests, this feature-length Scooby adventure sees the gang heading off to a werewolf-infested circus. Now, I admit I was popping in and out doing various other things while this was on so I didn't really follow the whole plot, but there was much giggling going on and all three Madhouse Mini-testers watched the whole thing from start to finish. The DVD has a total run-time of 77 minutes and includes a few extra circus-themed bonus episodes. Great family viewing.

Lego Hero Factory Savage Planet - We haven't watched this one yet because it's PG-rated so I want to make sure it's not too scary for Pierre. The blurb says : "The Hero Factory is a place where the most advanced and skilled heroes of the universe are built with one purpose - to save the world from evil. When rookie Rocka responds to a distress signal sent from Aldous Witch, who has crash-landed on a far-away planet, he suddenly goes missing. Stormer, Furno, Nex, Bulk and Stringer are sent to find him, only to discover that Aldous Witch has transformed into the evil Witch Doctor, and that he has transformed a once beautiful planet into a deadly wasteland set on destroying everything on it... including the Heroes."  Run time 43 minutes.

Ben 10 Destroy All Aliens - Another PG-rated one that I've put to the side to make sure I'm around when it's on it case it's too scary. Ben 10 is usually OK though so I'm sure the "mild fantasty action violence" won't be too bad. The blurb says : "Ten-year-old Ben Tennyson is finally back from his summer vacation, and his life is a mess! Humiliated by his teacher, harassed by bullies, grounded by his parents, and cursed with a malfunctioning Omnitrix that's vaporizing his homework, Ben jumps at the chance to get away from it all at the Total Alien Immersion training program on the far side of the galaxy. Little does Ben know that total immersion means he can never turn human again. Crashing back to earth and stuck in his alien forms, Ben becomes the target of an all new evil alien, Retaliator, engaging in a deadly cross-world battle, where
nothing is as it seems." Runtime 69 minutes.

Once we'd finished looking at the DVDs, Juliette was just as excited to discover the cat mask and Halloween stickers.

And all three of the Madhouse Mini-testers were over the moon to discover the little ghoulish bottles of bubbles, running off outside to play with them ... then runnng back in to watch the DVDs when it started hailing !

Disclosure : We received a box of Halloween-themed DVDs (and some extras) in order to write an honest review.

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  1. I had to comment on this as I just love the attraction of bubbles! It seems that it doesn't matter how old your children get they are never too old. We go to a few festivals a year and the Bubbles Inc. a trader that specialises is always a first port of call for Evan. They have a machine outside that is motion activated and Ev will spend ages annoying it enough to create a bubbly heaven! I love to watch him play with them.
    This was a great review - I will enjoy reading your review of Scooby Doo and Ben 10 (Ev might have outgrown him but I haven't and I still want to marry Kevin 11!!)

    1. Bubbles are ageless, timeless and cheap too ! ;-)


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