Tuesday 30 October 2012

Harry The Hapless Ghost Puppet Theatre Kit review - part 2

Last week, I told you about the puppet theatre kit that we'd been sent to review from Little Creative Days. I wanted to tell you about it with plenty of time to buy one before Halloween but knew we wouldn't have time to do it justice before the big day. Well, we spent a whole morning working on it yesterday, the same again today and it's still only half done, so this is a project that will be keeping the Madhouse Mini-testers busy for the entire holidays !

Sophie was very impressed by the size of the box - it's massive ! That's because it is the size of the cardboard puppet theatre.

Inside the box is ... a box ! And inside the second box is a whole host of crafty bits and pieces to make the puppets.

Sophie unpacked the cardboard puppet theatre, already getting excited about getting her paints out !

The puppet kit contains everything you need - even down to several pais of scissors so there's no squabbling if several children are working together !

Sophie started drawing round the templates and cutting out the clothes in the pieces of coloured felt. Pierre helped passing things but there wasn't a great deal he could do at this stage.

I was expecting the instructions to tell you to glue the pieces of felt to the spoon but it actually teaches you the rudiments of sewing. This is great for older children - 11-year-old Sophie managed, with a little guidance from me - but this does mean that younger children feel a bit left out at this stage.

They soon got hands-on with the painting though - lucky I thought to put an old sheet down on the ground before we started !

Three mucky pups, lots of big smiles and a puppet theatre waiting to dry so we can carry on making it tomorrow !

Another day, another painting session ! With the black background now dry, it was time to decorate it with paint, glitter and spooky Halloween stickers (from our Warner Brothers box, these ones didn't come in the kit).

Here's the front ...

The back ... (Théâtre de marionnettes = puppet theatre)

and the inside !

We still need to make the puppets but the Madhouse Mini-testers have already been having great fun popping their heads inside to make up their own stories !

Happy Halloween !

for more information : http://www.littlecreativedays.co.uk

Disclosure : We received a  Harry the Hapless Ghost Story kit in order to write an honest review (which I will be doing next week).

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  1. Looks like it will keep the kids occupied for a while!

  2. Definitely - we still have the puppets to make so it's great for half term !

  3. The kit is designed for a party of between 5-7kids so perhaps a few reinforcements are needed.

    1. Sophie's been sewing all week and has made great progress. She's really proud of the result :)


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