Tuesday 30 October 2012

Splats in action !

Last week, I told you all about the funky (and functional) Splats rainboots that we were sent through for Pierre and Juliette but I hadn't managed to get "in action" shots of them being used. Well, I made up for that over the weekend.

Juliette loves the colour and the reflective strips so much that she's happy posing and wants to wear them to school. They're so comfortable, she's been wearing them all the time lately, whether or not it's been raining !

I've been amazed to see that Juliette manages to ride her bike wearing them - you certainly couldn't do that with normal wellies.

Pierre also managed to ride his scooter with absolutely no problems.

The Velcro strap keeps them securely fastened and they are flexible, moving with your leg and feet so you can run, skip, jump, climb, ride your bike - do just about anything really.

But the main event was always going to be puddle-splashing ! They started off gently, walking through the water and letting it splash over their feet.

Then they went on to running through the puddles and giggling their heads off.

Then Juliette (closely followed by Pierre) started JUMPING into the puddles creating huge splashes that totally soaked her. At this point, I said they might as well go for it, they could jump in the bath when we got home !

Juliette overdid it slightly and managed to fill her boots with water - they weren't leaking though, it was all going in through the top because she was splashing so much !

Great fun was had all by all and the boots were carefully placed near a radiator so that they'd be ready for more playing in the morning. It's what Autumn half-term is all about ! I'm sure they'll be dreaming about splashing in puddles all night long !

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

for more information :www.thesplats.com

Disclosure : We received two pairs of Splats in order to write an honest review.

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  1. They look like comfy boots indeed and if they encourage some outdoor puddle splashing and play then they are worth every penny! Sometimes it is great to not worry about the washing and just let them be kids.

  2. I wish I've seen your review about a week ago, as we have just bought new wellies for Eddie. :)


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