Saturday, 20 October 2012

Next Winter Wardrobe Bloggers Competition

I was recently encouraged to take part in a Winter Wardrobe Bloggers Competition sponsored by Next and hosted by Amy Antoinette so I headed over to have a look. Well, firstly Amy, thanks for hosting such a great competition, and secondly, thanks for introducing me to the magical world of moodboards ! For these sorts of blogger challenges, I usually put pictures of each item side by side but I clicked through to see how Amy had created her collage and discovered Polyvore, which is what I've used to put my outfits together. I must say, it's pretty addictive !

But I digress ... Back to the competition ! I needed to come up with three outfits so I decided to use the old Mars Bar advert - "a Mars a day helps you work, rest and play" - to inspire my collection ! Can't go wrong with chocolate, right ?!

OK, without further ado, here are my three outfits. First up, work.

Next Winter Wardrobe - Work

As this is for a winter wardrobe, I've picked shoes that are slightly raised so my feet will stay dry if I need to walk through wet or slushy streets and a bag that is waterproof. The chambala jewellery is all the range at the moment so I'd probably have to fight my daughters off and I love the colours and patterns (as well as the flattering cut) of the tunic, trousers and shrug.

Next Winter Wardrobe - Rest

Hoody / Legging / Pattern Bubble Hem Top / Mish Mash Trapper Hat / Navy Quilted Zip Boots

Roll on the weekend, time to chill out (that's my version of "rest" - I can't stand doing nothing !) in fun and comfortable clothes. I love the animal print leggings and the silly hat and the boots look perfect for walking the dog, running around after the kids or going shopping.

So on to grown-up play, which means partying ! I must admit, as a mum of 3 kids, I don't get to go out much these days (boo hoo !) but it's almost Christmas office party time so I can get my glad-rags on for once !

Next Winter Wardrobe - "Play"

I love the fact that the dress could be dressed up for a night out or down with a pair of leggings and boots. The dress and the shoes both have the same stud detail and the bag and jewellery are a bit bling-bling because, well, it's Christmas, it goes with the territory !

I'd love to hear what you think of the outfits and also the moodboards - as this is a first attempt, I'm sure I have a lot to learn about how to put them together !

Disclosure : This is my entry for Amy's Winter Wardrobe Bloggers Competition.

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  1. it all looks fab to me, well done certainly as it is your first attempt, you would not know. Love the hoody