Monday 15 October 2012

Method Handwash review & advice for Global Handwashing Day

Today is Global Handwashing Day so it was the perfect time for trying out the two different handwashes that we were sent through from method - one of my absolute favourite cleaning products manufacturers because they have such wonderful fragrances (bring back the cinnamon bark fragranced cleaner, I say !), as well as an eco-friendly ethos.

They've put together an interesting fact sheet in honour of Global Handwashing Day to make you think twice about what you use to wash your hands.

Did you know?
·         antibacterial soaps claim to kill 99% of bacteria. But you don’t catch the common cold or the flu from bacteria. You get them from viruses.So is that antibacterial soap really making you less sick, or just exposing you to a dirty ingredient?
·         in addition, adding chlorinated water to some antibacterial products creates chloroform, which you then inhale. Chloroform is a suspected carcinogen. It’s also that stuff that bad guys use to knock out their victims in action movies.
·         harsh cleaning products can leave chemical residue behind that can be absorbed into the skin when touched.

·         keep in mind that antibacterial products are designed to kill living things, namely bacteria. Guess what else is a living thing? You.

·         antibacterial soaps are pesticides.  Meaning the ingredients in them are used to kill bugs. When you use these soaps on yourself or your children, you could be absorbing pesticides into your system via your skin

·         "It is a simple fact that hand washing is one of the single most important things you can do to help to reduce the spread of infections and is key to preventing ill health. Just wash your hands regularly with soap and warm water and you and your family are more likely to stay healthy. We can all play a part in reducing the spread of infection by washing our hands more thoroughly and more regularly” NHS website

The Solution from method:
·         Wash your hands with a method paraben-free soap made of good stuff and warm water. Done properly, it’s just as effective in getting rid of pesky germs.  Method soaps clean like heck and smell like heaven.
·         Also, take your time with it. Your routine should take you anywhere between one and three minutes to really get the job done. Remember too that dirt you can see will come off right away, but the germs that you can’t will need some scrubbing before they go slip-sliding down the drain.
·         Method hand wash is super gentle on hands and paraben free, so no one has to get hurt apart from the dirt. method’s non-toxic hand wash made from naturally derived coconut oils with vitamin E and aloe vera to moisturise. So it looks as great as it is good

·         100% biodegradable formula. 100% recycled and recyclable packaging. method believe in a world where guinea pigs are never used as guinea pigs - certified by BUAV and their leaping bunny (can guinea pigs leap?) no dirty ingredients like parabens, triclosan or other antibacterial agents

·         method (aka the people against dirty) hip, eco cleaning products for people who want a better way to clean, have brought style to non-toxic, environmentally friendly homecare since 2000. we arrived in the UK in 2007 and are available in major supermarkets as well as small independents and fairly big ones like Selfridges and Whole Foods

Hmmm interesting. The first product we tried was the French Lavender Hand Wash. I'm not always keen on lavender-perfumed products because they have a tendency to smell of old ladies, but I have to say, this did smell nice. It has a delicate fragrance which isn't overpowering. The kids loved the colour and the shape of the bottle because they said it looked like they were washing their hands in a raindrop ! It lathers up nicely and removes grime and grease (as in bacon fat after the washing up, I didn't go changing the oil in the car to test it !).

The second product that we tried was so popular with the Madhouse Mini-testers that I had to put it on a high shelf out of their reach in the bathroom to stop them from getting through the whole bottle ! Why so popular ? Because it was a foaming handwash that comes out like bubbles in the bath. Cue much giggling (and, I must say, handwashing). We had the Green Tea & Aloe fragrance which is really refreshing and pleasant.

Both handwashes contain natural cleaners derived from coconut, combined with moisturising aloe vera and vitamin E. They look smart, really appealed to the kids and are kind to your skin and the planet. What more could you ask for in a handwash ?

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP :  French Lavender £2.49 for 354ml, Foaming Handwash £2.99 for 300ml

for more information :

Disclosure : I received two handwashes from method in order to write an honest review. I wasn't asked to share the Global Handwashing Day advice, I just thought it made interesting reading !

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  1. After using gel at work all morning, this sounds lovely to come home to. Thanks for the tip.

  2. I've used Method detergents before and found them fab, but haven't tried the handwashes yet, I've just put them on my shopping list, another great review.

  3. gels are fantastic, would never go back! x

  4. Wow, really thought provoking. I usually do buy anti bacterial hand washes and cleaning stuff but I'd never really thought about the aspect of them killing living things. Hmmmm.....I'll definitely be looking more closely at the labels when I next buy hand washes!

  5. Ooh they look really lovely actually and anything that encourages the kids to wash their hands is a great thing!

  6. Scary how many people in Britain (adults) don't wash their hands after going to the toilet - it is good to get children into good habits and these handwashes sound as if they were a hit


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