Thursday 13 December 2012

Martin's Chocolatier Champagne Chocolates review

You may remember me telling you that I turned 40 at the end of October and, in honour of the occasion (or as a gesture of sympathy - I'm not sure which !), the absolutely lovely Galina from Chez Maximka (she has the most amazing recipes and cake decorating posts - it's well worth a look !) sent me the most fabulous box of chocolates I think I've ever received ! I loved it before I'd even opened the box and Sophie instantly asked if she could have it when it was empty because she loves anything with a Union Jack on.

But inside, things just got even better. They're almost too beautiful to eat - but that would be a real waste ! I considered hiding these away to savour all by myself in secret but in the end, as there were two of each, I decided to be totally lovely and share them with Madhouse Daddy Mike, who was equally impressed and said they looked very posh.

When I looked at the little card explaining what the different chocolates are (or I should say were, they didn't last long once we'd discovered how lovely they were !), I couldn't help but squeal - these are luxury champagne chocolates, handmade using Belgian chocolate.

The Classic Champagne Menu card presents each different chocolate in the box :

Columbus -orange and champagne coated in sherbert

Wimbledon - champagne and strawberries

Philippe - dusted dark chocolate truffle

Pierre - milk chocolate truffle

Mont Blanc - marc de champagne

Romeo - pink heart foiled champagne

The label says "Martin’s Chocolatier produce specialty chocolates, unrivalled in taste and texture - made with true passion, skill, flair and the finest wholesome ingredients. Martin’s Chocolatier brings to you a truly wonderful, luxury gourmet chocolate tasting experience that you won‘t be able to get enough of!"

Well, I have to say, that's not an exaggeration. I was blown away by how lovely they look but also taste. If you want some extra special chocolates as a special gift, these are absolutely ideal. Thanks again Galina ! xxx

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