Saturday 29 December 2012

Sanex Dermo Kids bodywash and foam bath review

Sanex is a brand that I always think of as extremely gentle and ideally suited for babies or children with problem skin but not one that I'd get particularly excited about. I expect dermatologically tested products that are ultra mild and free from colours, nasty chemicals and fragrances but just a bit bland.

When we received a big bottle of their Dermo Kids bodywash and foam bath to review, I opened the lid for a sniff, not expecting to smell anything, and was pleasantly surprised to discover an absolutely gorgeous fragrance - I'm not quite sure what it smells of but I think I can detect tropical fruit or maybe coconut.

The gentle skin-friendly quality is ever-present though. The Dermo Kids Bodywash & Foam Bath contains a unique Dermo Active 3 Complex which actively works with your child’s skin. It has a triple action, helping to improve your skin’s natural protective barrier, maintaining soft and well moisturised skin and restoring natural pH balance for healthy skin. It delivers essential and active ingredients that nourish your skin, strengthening its own protective barrier and making it more resistant to potentially harmful bacteria, as well as providing a combination of moisturisers similar to the ones skin contains naturally. 

I was surprised by the quantity of bubbles it produced actually - I need to have a bit of a rethink about the Sanex brand as it's obviously nowhere near as boring as I first thought ! - and I love the way the Madhouse Mini-testers jumped out of the bath with soft and beautifully fragranced skin. Whether or not your children have dry skin or eczema, I would highly recommed this product for the whole family.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £2.99 for 500ml

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Disclosure : We received a bottle of Sanex Dermo Kids bodywash and foam bath in order to write an honest review.

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  1. My Son has been using this brand, due to having a skin condition Virgilio (loss of pigment) which also may have other complications, and we are not sure what he can or not use, Even Loo roll gives him problems so we use Andrex wipes.

    Very hard for him, because he miss's out on all the children fun bath time bottles, and the Sanex is pretty boring. If anything, id like to see Sanex bring out more child friendly bottles, which means the kids will enjoy using the bottles, this one looks more grown up!

    On a good note, my son has not had any issues with this,unlike John's baby bath. which is fantastic, otherwise, he would not be able to wash!

  2. I would like to try this becauseboth my sons skin can be a bit sensitive and it's nice to find something delicate that actually smells nce andif it smells like coconut then that even better!

  3. I always assumed it was quite bland as well, good to hear it's fragranced.


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