Friday 14 June 2013

Fitness DVD review : Amy Childs Fit In 30 Days

The official blurb says : "Amy Childs, UK born model, TV Presenter and Reality Star, is bringing you a 30-day fitness programme that will slenderise your body and get you fit. These fast-paced interval workouts are designed by Amy's personal trainer, Drew Rush, and will strengthen your core and trim your upper and lower body. Workouts 1-5 touch upon every muscle, keeping your body guessing to promote changes. Amy will show you the moves and will challenge you to push through 100 reps, counting down from 40, 30, 20, 10 with 45 second breaks in between to shake off the burn. Amy tests you to defy your body by completing every repetition and every interval to achieve your fittest body in just 30 days!"

Well, I was slightly thrown when I popped this DVD into the player because it kicks straight off with workout number 1 with no warm up or stretching to start with. Now, I'm far from being a fitness expert but surely you always have to start with a warm up, don't you? So I did a few half hearted stretches before jumping in and joining in. The same is true at the end, which could have done with a warm down series of stretches to finish off with, in my humble opinion.

I found it to be a bit low-budget and boring to be honest. There is some backing music (slightly electronic vibe instrumentals) but it's purely incidental and you don't ever use it to keep you in the rhythm or get moving to the beat. The workouts all focus very much on repetitive stretches and lifts with very little cardio/aerobic activity, which I thought was a shame because it's more fun and motivating to shake your thang along to a cracking playlist !

The male personal trainer, Drew, says at the very beginning that he'll be doing the guys' workout while the girls should follow Amy, but to be honest, all guys are going to have their eyes glued to Amy's cleavage throughout the whole thing (I'm not sure how she manages to not pop out of her miniscule top every five minutes to be honest !). Her seductive pout at the camera and repeated "I'm always ready", "there's going to be lots of up and down" and "ooooh I can feel my legs burning, they're shaking" had me grinning because it sounded more like an adult movie than a fitness video, but if you can tune out Amy's voice, it's actually not a bad workout.

There is a little "Disc 2" label in the bottom left-hand corner of the DVD cover which I hadn't actually noticed so be warned, this is the follow-on to Amy's original Fit in 30 Days - Zero to Hero DVD. I haven't seen that one but according to Drew, this second DVD is the more advanced level and you should go back to the easier first one if you find it too hard. He also skims over explaining a couple of the exercises, saying "you know what to do because it's the same as in the first DVD" - ummm, yeah, but what if you haven't actually used that one? I don't know if the original DVD had a bit more background info but I'd have liked a bit more introduction, telling us more about how to use the DVD. It has 5 workouts with an overall runtime of just over an hour - are you supposed to do the whole lot each time or alternate different sections? I felt like I'd walked into a gym class having missed the first ten minutes so I didn't really know what I was doing !

I think you need a relatively good fitness level to begin with if you want to complete this workout DVD successfully. The good thing is, unlike many similar DVDs, you don't need much floor space at all as you're pretty much static. You also need some weights to get the most out of it, although you'll still get a pretty good workout if you don't have any. It's effective but not the most enjoyable or motivating workout DVD I've tried.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £10.99

Disclosure : I received a copy of the DVD on order to write an honest review.

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  1. I don't know how you find the energy to do all these fitness DVDs, but well done to you. And thanks for giving me a laugh about it sounding more like an adult movie, I think I'd have to turn the sound down.

  2. I live in the USA & because of my region I cant have this shipped to me. I bought the original workout with no problems. Where can I buy disk 2?

    1. You'd need to look on local retailers like amazon so that it's compatible with your zone


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