Wednesday 19 June 2013 SFR Roller Skates review

A little while ago, I was contacted by a company called to see if the Madhouse Mini-testers would like to review some of their roller skates - although, from looking at their website, they offer everything from skateboards and ice skates to inline roller skates, skate shoes and even clothes and BMX bikes. Needless to say, there was much excitement when the postie delivered these exciting-looking boxes to The Madhouse. (Just a quick mention for the fab customer service - even though I was sent these items for free in order to write the review, they enclosed two pairs of insoles because I wasn't sure which size to go for for the girls and they wanted to make sure the larger sizes fit properly. If they are willing to go the extra mile when I'm not even a paying customer, I think that speaks volumes.)

Despite the fact that it was raining outside and that I was in the middle of preparing dinner, Pierre couldn't wait to try his "grown-up roller skates" on ! He got the SFR Racing Storm Roller Skates in Blue and Grey (RRP : £44.95) which, I was very impressed to learn when writing this review, can be adjusted by four sizes so that they grow with your child's feet. The writeup explains : " As the child's feet grow you simply push a button, extend the length of the skate and tighten it up again to a larger size." He was incredibly impressed and felt very proud, even if he was surprised at how heavy they are ! He's only had lightweight Fisher Price roller skates up to now - you know the bright yellow ones that you can lock so that they only go forwards ?! - so it was obviously a big change for him.

Next up was Juliette, who was also desperate to try out her SFR Vision Pink White Roller Skates (RRP £34.95 but now £29.95 in the sale). She needed a bit of help from Madhouse Grandad to get her laces tied up, especially as they kept sticking to the Velcro fastening, but got there in the end and did a couple of laps of victory around the dining room table before I told her she wasn't allowed to skate inside the house !

Once the rain stopped and we'd finished with dinner, we headed straight outside. Pierre found the transition from kiddie skates to proper skates that go backwards and forwards quite tricky but loved rolling around the car park holding on to our hands. I could really see his balance improving the longer he tried and he also started gaining in confidence, which is great. The skates did start hurting his shins after a while so next time I will put tracksuit bottoms on him that he can stuff inside the roller skates to add a bit of extra padding.

Juliette is used to skating around on inline skates so took a bit of adjusting to the classic roller skates too but she soon found her feet. I had to give her a few lessons in using the front of the boot to stop, because she's used to using the brake on the back of her inline skates.

The final tester was 11-year-old Sophie. She put this photo as her new Facebook profile image which shows how much she loves them ! She's been roadtesting the SFR Rio Disco Pink Roller Skates (RRP £44.95). I love the retro design which totally remind me of the rollerboots everyone wore back in the eighties. The white leatherette boot is a semi soft design with a solid exterior heel plate which Sophie said is very comfortable, while providing great support. Sophie is particularly pleased that when she's wearing them, she is now taller than me !

All three of the Madhouse Mini-testers love their new roller skates and have been having great fun, getting out in the fresh air and away from their TV/iPad screens which is great news for the impending summer holidays.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : for the roller skates that we received £29.95 - £44.95

for more information :

Disclosure : We received some roller skates, in order to write an honest review.

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