Sunday 13 December 2009

Bakugan Battle Pack

"Bakugan is unique, refreshed and taking the world by storm! Combines battling action, collecting, trading and gaming strategy - everything that boys love! "

Well, that's my problem really. Pierre's only just coming up to five months so, although he's already taught me that you have to point willies downwards in their nappies to avoid leaks and that it's a really really good idea to put a wetwipe over a little boy's willy at changing time if you don't want to be sprinkled, he hasn't really completed my education in being mum to a little boy yet !

If you ask me anything about arts and crafts kits, dolls in any shape or form, Littlest Pet Shops, My Little Ponies or absolutely anything pink, fluffy or sparkly, I could answer you in a trice but I'm still a bit non-plussed when it comes to boys' toys !

As far as I can tell, this looks like a winner. It reminds me of all the Pokemon, Magic : The Gathering, Gormiti and goodness knows what other collectibles and trading cards there are and they are as popular now as they were about a decade ago so this is bound to be an instant hit in the playground.

The manufacturer says : "Easy to learn... A lifetime to master! Master your precision shooting skills by rolling your Bakugan onto the special Bakugan gate card and transform it into a powerful Bakugan warrior! Action Figures pop open from the magnetic marbles when they land on the Special Bakugan Card!" Wow, it sounds great - but I bet it's one of those things like Transformers that I could never master how ever many times my five-year-old (male !) cousins showed me ! I don't adhere to the whole 'pink stinks' campaign that has just kicked off, but there are some things that appeal to, and seem amazingly simple to, little boys that somehow, little girls - or their mums ! - just never get the hang of. What little boy could resist the slogan "Answer the call to brawl and decide the fate of the galaxy with the Bakagun Battle Pack! " It's definitely one for little lads to play with with their dads on Christmas morning !

star rating : 3/5 - but I'm sure little boys would give it 5/5 !

RRP : various kits available, but to give you an idea -

Bakugan Battle Pack £19.99

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