Saturday, 5 December 2009

Phoneshield and Wi-Fi Shield

Hands up if you can say you're totally 100% certain that mobile phones present absolutely no danger to the adults or children using them ? Hmm not many takers. Well, the truth of the matter is, nobody really knows and we probably won't know until about another 50 years down the line when scientists are either presenting evidence of radiation-fried brains or laughing at how basic the technology was and how everyone worried about nothing.

Well, the Phoneshield website hones in on these fears. "Worried about possible side effects from daily use of your mobile and computer? Concerned over radiation? Want mobile phone protection? Increasing evidence shows that radiation from mobile phones can cause side effects." They then go on to give a whole long list of side effects that could be caused by mobile phone radiation : fatigue, reduced concentration, tiredness, headaches, disturbed vision, memory loss, muscle weakness, reduced immunity to illness. As they say, these could be the result of mobile phone radiation. Or they could be down to lack of sleep, poor diet, a cold or flu, or a million other reasons. That's the problem, yet again you'd never really know.

The solution offered by the company is "a small round device called The Quartz PhoneShield that has been scientifically designed to reduce the harmful side effects of radiation from mobiles, computers and cordless phones. (The computer version, also used for cordless phones, is called The CompuShield )." It looks just like a large watch battery that you stick on to your mobile phone or laptop computer with an adhesive pad. And that's it - job done.

So does it really work ? Well, you'd never know ! It certainly doesn't do any harm - the phone or laptop works just as well, it stays stuck and doesn't get in the way so there are no disadvantages. I also like the fact that, unlike watch batteries, if accidentally swallowed by a child, it's harmless. So really, you're paying for peace of mind, in the same way that you are likely to pay out for smoke detectors, carbon monoxide monitors and possibly fire extinguishers for your home. Hopefully you'll never need to use them so you just have to believe in their effectiveness without ever actually knowing for sure. This is exactly the same.

The experts do seem convinced though. "The PhoneShield technology was successfully tested by independent experts in Great Britain at the respected Coghill Research Laboratories, which specialises in bio-electromagnetics (the science of investigating the interaction of electricity and magnetism with organic life). Eminent scientist and founder of the Coghill Research Laboratories, Roger Coghill, reported that the PhoneShield crystal resonator "is effective in mitigating the detrimental biological effects of cell phone radiation and thus affords significant protection". Roger Coghill is an acknowledged expert on electro magnetic radiation and gave evidence to the IEGMP. His tests proved that the biological damage to healthy human white blood cells by exposure to mobile phone radiation was reduced using The PhoneShield."

If you're more impressed by celebrity endorsement than eminent scientists, apparently Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger is a big fan and told all his players to get their phones fitted with one. The products are also endorsed by Janey Lee Grace who regularly talks about all things eco-friendly on national radio and her Imperfectly Natural blog.

Just to be on the safe side, this could make a good stocking filler for gadget-mad teenagers. They'll love it more than a pair of socks knitted by granny and they may well thank you for it in years to come.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : Phoneshield £9.99, Wi-fi shield £14.99, family pack containing 2 phoneShields & 1 Wi-fi shield £30

Also available in bulk for offices (if you can persuade your boss to fit you all out on the company's money !)

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