Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The Pink Cow - Coconut Creme & Lemon Cheesecake Bath/Shower Gels

As soon as these bottles of bath/shower gel arrived, I liked the look of them. The fragrances sounded gorgeous - coconut creme and lemon cheesecake (they also do vanilla biscuit and strawberry sundae) - and a quick sniff told me that they smelt as good as they sounded.

Having never heard of the brand, I turned round the bottles to read the blurb on the back and find out a bit more about them. "Our lovely little company is overflowing with very serious and very clever people in the beauty world and not one of them ever saw a pink cow ! Can you believe that? Anyway I told them to catch the dream bus one night (it’s a number 51 in case you were wondering) - it stops beside the clump of pale blue daffodils. " What a bunch of nutters ! I love them already ! Although admittedly, it doesn't tell you much about their products or their ethics. A bit of further searching on the labels reveals that the products are not tested on animals, are suitable for vegetarians and the fragrance is allergen-free. On the front of the bottle, it says "Say hurray for 'NO PARABENS' " and "Recycle me and I may come back as a tee-shirt" / "Recycle me and I may come back as your pillow" so, at first glance at least, they appear to be a fairly green, ethical brand.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating - but these products, however yummy they sound and smell, do say : "Please don't eat this product ... It's for your skin only" ! (They do smell nice but I wouldn't really go that far !) So off to the shower for some serious testing.

Being a bit of a fragrance junkie, I wanted to try them both out at once ! So I started off with the Coconut Creme one - labelled as "A Very Quiet Bath & Shower Gel". It smelt lovely, exactly as I would expect a coconut-scented product to smell, and was very relaxing so it would be great for a post-work wind-down shower to get you chilled out for the evening ahead. This fits in with the wacky advice on the bottle - "Take half a coconut and make sail on a lime blue sea. Be peaceful ... tell your heart a fairy tale" ! Hmmm, OK, maybe the lovely smelly fragrances get to you if you smell them all day long !! Blue daffodils ? A lime-blue sea ? I think they're colour blind - but then again, their mother-company is called Blue Orange !

I tried out the lemon cheesecake one too and although I do like the smell, it doesn't smell as natural as the coconut one. Mike actually said it did smell nice but was vaguely reminiscent of lemon kitchen cleaner ! I wouldn't go that far but it's not a pure, natural lemon fragrance - maybe that's because it's supposed to be lemon cheesecake, not just lemon. But it was still a pleasant smell and very zingy so perfect for a wake-up shower in the morning. Again, my thinking follows the wacky witterings on the bottle : "The scent of lemon somehow makes the day seem sunny, even when it’s not. Be happy ... spring clean your mind with the wildest dreams". Great to clear your fuzzy head first thing in the morning.

The gels had a nice thick consistency and left my skin feeling nice and soft but they didn't make many bubbles. I would have liked a bit more lather but this is something I've noticed with other green companies so it could be due to a lack of nasty chemical bubble-creating ingredients.

What really impressed me was the price. You get a big 500ml bottle for £2.99 - and they're actually on special offer right now for £2 so it would be a good time to buy the whole set as stocking fillers for teenage girls. Even if you're way past your teenage years (like me !), they still make your daily shower into a lovely treat that will allow you to "recapture childhood memories while you loose yourself in the bubbly blissfulness of Vanilla Biscuit" or be "as indulgent as having your favorite dessert everyday of the week" - and it's all calorie-free ! As the company says : "For anyone in need of a sugar free treat, Pink Cow products bring a splash of sweetness to every bathroom. Stocked exclusively in selected Boots stores and priced at just £2.99 each, you really can afford to treat yourself to a little Pink Cow happiness. " Can't say fairer than that !

star rating : 4.5/5
RRP : £2.99 for 500ml (but currently on promotion so only £2)

available at Boots online and instore


  1. I just bought the Ginger Bread from Boots, it smells divine!

  2. I can't hardly imagine how people of today patronized some beauty stuffs just to make them really beautiful inside out.Until I, myself have used one, and it feels so good, I admit. And now I have found this site, actually with my sister, guess what did she say to me, she want to grab the pink cow-coconut cream. And I think I'm gonna give her one of it as my Christmas gift to her. Hope i could receive also one of it.


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